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We hear stories from the Good Food-Moth StorySlamMark Bittman of the New York Times proposes taxing sodas and junk food, and subsidizing fruits and vegetables. Elina Shatkin of the LA Weekly gives us the scoop on where to find the best ice cream in LA. Evan talks to Christina Tosi, the pastry chef who invented Crack Pie. Home baker Mark Stambler explains what cottage laws are, and Jonathan Gold can't get enough pork in Koreatown. Plus, a recipe for a Tomato Tarte Tatin.

One Good Dish

David Tanis

Guest Interview Market Report 7 MIN, 47 SEC

Robert Wemischner is a professor of baking and pastry at Los Angeles Trade Technical College. He's also the author of four cookbooks. His most recent book, The Dessert Architect, is now in its second edition. 

Get the recipe for Tomato Tarte Tatin and Baked Apples with Sage on the Good Food blog.

Alvaro Bautista has an organic date ranch in Mecca, California near Palm Springs.  You can find Bautista Family Organic Dates at all of the Santa Monica Farmers' Markets as well as the Hollywood Farmers' Market and Beverly Hills Farmers' Market. Bautista sells Halawi dates on the vine in the khalal stage. You can allow the cluster of dates to ripen on your tabletop and pick off the individual dates as they become ripe.

The Dessert Architect

Robert Wemischner

Guest Interview Your Stories Told Live 6 MIN, 1 SEC

Earlier this month Good Food partnered with The Moth for an incredible night of storytelling. Ten brave listeners told their food stories live on stage - without notes - to a standing-room-only crowd. Bill Ratner and Margot Leitman were two of the ten contestants. Margot's story about the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Holiday Editions won the storySLAM competition. 

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Guest Interview Tax the Bad, Subsidize the Good 7 MIN, 53 SEC

Mark Bittman, noted Minimalist and food-policy writer for the New York Times and New York Times Magazine, believes that soda and junk food should be taxed and fruits and vegetables should be subsidized. A link to his article, "Bad Food? Tax it, Subsidize the Good," is here.

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Guest Interview Crack Pie 5 MIN, 5 SEC

Christina Tosi is the executive pastry chef for all the Momofuku restaurants and the co-owner of Momofuku Milkbar.  Her Crack Pie has become a nation-wide sensation.  A recipe for Crack Pie can be found on the Good Food blog.

Guest Interview The Top 10 Scoops in LA 9 MIN, 35 SEC

Elina Shatkin, who writes for the LA Weekly, recently embarked on a 30-day ice cream crawl across Los Angeles. Her top five ice cream and gelato picks follow.


5. Saffron Spot
18744 Pioneer Boulevard
Artesia, CA 90701
Elina's favorite: Rajbhog and Chikoo

4. Jerry's Soda Shoppe
Roscoe Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 91304
Elina's favorite: Ice Cream Soda

3. Mateo's Ice Cream and Fruit Bars
4929 Sepulveda Boulevard
Culver City, California 90230
Elina's favorite: Leche Quemada and Coffee

2. Sweet Rose Creamery
225 26th St # B
Santa Monica, CA 90402-2572
Elina's favorite: Banana Split

1. Carmela Ice Cream
2495 East Washington Boulevard
Pasadena, CA 91104
Elina's favorite: Spiced Strawberry


5. Gelato Bar
1936 Hillhurst Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90027-2712
Elina's favorite: Pear

4. Pazzo
3827 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026-1594
Elina's favorite: Chocolate, either plain or spiked with cayenne or almonds

3. Grom Gelateria
3886 Cross Creek Rd
Malibu, CA 90265
Elina's favorite: Dark Chocolate

2. Delicieuse
2503 Artesia Boulevard
Redondo Beach, CA 90278
Elina's favorite: Berry Michelle

1. Bulgarini
749 East Altadena Drive
Altadena, CA 91001
Elina's favorite: Pistachio

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Guest Interview Jonathan Gold 5 MIN, 24 SEC

Jonathan Gold says there is no such thing as eating too much pork in Koreatown. Wako Donkasu specializes in tonkatsu, traditionally a pork cutlet that is breaded and fried. The restaurant's menu includes fried cutlets of pork, chicken and steak. Wako Donkasu has two locations in Los Angeles:

2904 W Olympic Blvd
(between Normandie and Vermont)

3377 Wilshire Blvd #112
(between Normandie and Vermont)

All of Jonathan Gold's restaurant suggestions are on the Good Food Restaurant Map.

Guest Interview Battling the Health Department 16 MIN, 48 SEC

Mark Stambler is an artisinal bread baker who, until recently, was baking bread out of his home and selling it to local shops.  Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Times wrote an article raving about Stambler's goods, but within 24 hours the Los Angeles Health Department was at his door.  A link to the Times article is here.

Along with the Sustainable Economies Law Center in Northern California, Mark is leading an initiative to introduce Cottage Laws in the state of California.

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