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Photo of cauliflower couscous from Market Cooking by David Tanis.

David Tanis is keeping it fresh this holiday season 10 MIN, 57 SEC

In his latest work, “Market Cooking,” David Tanis takes us for a spin around the farmer’s market to find revelations and inspiration. Since few meals are as season-dependent as Thanksgiving, we thought we’d lean on David for Thanksgiving ideas, especially for sides.

The Market Report: Thanksgiving cocktail 8 MIN, 8 SEC

Mixologist Matt Biancaniello extols the virtues of a persimmon and pinecone cocktail. Laura Ramirez, a farmer at JJ's Lone Daughter Ranch in San Bernardino County talks about growing and picking Hachiya persimmons.

A cut hachiya persimmon at the market. (Photo by Joseph Stone)

Cipe Pineles' says 'Leave me alone with my recipes' 9 MIN, 59 SEC

Photo of Cipe Pineles at work, used with permission.

Sarah Rich and Wendy MacNaughton happened upon a sketchbook at a book fair that turned out to be an unpublished 1945 manuscript by Cipe Pineles, the first female art director at Conde Nast. A Jewish immigrant from Eastern Europe, the manuscript was a hand-painted homage to her family’s good culture.

Jonathan Gold dines at Ink.well 7 MIN, 22 SEC

Chef Michael Voltaggio at his new restaurant Ink.well. Photo by The Hundreds.

Jonathan Gold finds a more populist scene at Michael Voltaggio’s latest restaurant, a reboot of his shuttered restaurant Ink.

Thankful for dessert 8 MIN, 3 SEC

Half the battle of pulling off a successful Thanksgiving is about prep. How far in advance can we bake a pie and still have it delicious come Thursday? We’ve invited Noelle Carter of the LA Times and Good Food Pie Contest judge to talk shop.

'Sangsgiving' 12 MIN, 17 SEC

While many will try and emulate the Norman Rockwell image of a beautifully basted turkey as their table’s centerpiece, others will forgo tradition and opt for a meal of uni, wagyu, and champagne. Lukshon and Father’s Office chef Sang Yoon suggests creating your own unconventional Thanksgiving memories.

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