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This week on Good Food with Evan Kleiman, we're celebrating Easter.  Sofika Zielyk makes elaborately decorated Ukrainian Easter eggs.  She'll tell us about the tradition.  We'll go to a Mexican panaderia for some pan dulce with Ricardo Cervantes.  Roxana Jullapat of Ammo Cafe gives us a recipe for hot cross buns with candied kumquats.  Sister Lynn D'Souza tells us about her gluten-free communion wafers.  Plus, Jet Tila shares stories of street food in Bangkok.  Laura Avery finds goose eggs at the farmers market.  And we'll cook with geek Jeff Potter


One Good Dish

David Tanis

Guest Interview Market Report 7 MIN

Edgar Jaime of Jaime Farms brings goose eggs to the Farmers Market (Wednesday Santa Monica, Saturday Pasadena).  The eggs are large and have a thick shell.  Each goose egg is the equivalent to about 3 chicken eggs. 

Roxana Jullapat is the pastry chef at Ammo Cafe in Hollywood (1155 North Highland Ave.).  She is candying kumquats (recipe) to use in a variety of ways, including hot cross buns for Easter.  They store for a long time in the fridge and can even be used for your Christmas fruitcake.  She uses the syrup to top the buns, in cocktails, and as a toping for Costa Rican prestiños.  

Guest Interview Ukrainian Easter Eggs 7 MIN

Effervescent color tablets aren’t the only way to dye Easter eggs.  The Ukrainian art of egg decorating, pysanky, dates back more than 1,000 years.  The intricate designs have symbolic meanings – varying from region to region – which are delicately painted onto hollowed-out, raw eggs. Some of the most common symbols include the star (which represents the Sun God), flowers (representing happiness), and birds (representing fertility).

Sofika Zielyk is an artist who specializes in this fantastic art form.  She regales us with the history of these incredible eggs – the legend behind them, what the symbols mean and just how long it takes to craft each egg.  Additional images of Sofika’s pysanky and information about the craft are available on her website.

Guest Interview Robata Jinya 7 MIN

Jonathan Gold is the Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer for the LA Weekly.  This week he reviews Robata Jinya on Third St. and Crescent Heights in Los Angeles.  Robata restaurants serve a very specific style of Japanese food, prepared on a charcoal grill.  Oddly enough, one of Jonathan's favorite dishes is the tofu.  He also likes the agedashi and the bagna cauda, which is like a cheese-fondue.  They also serve ramen, which is the specialty of their sister restaurant in Studio City.  

Robata Jinya
8050 W. Third Street
Los Angeles

All of Jonathan's restaurant suggestions are on the Good Food Restaurant Map.  

Guest Interview Pan Dulce at La Monarca 7 MIN

Ricardo Cervantes owns La Monarca, a Mexican panaderia or bakery in Los Angeles.  They have locations in Huntington Park, East LA and Santa Monica.  Pictures of their offerings are on The Good Food Blog.


Music Break: Busy Road by The Kudzu Ranch

Guest Interview Gluten-Free Communion Wafers 7 MIN

Taking Communion caused such a problem for those who couldn’t eat the gluten commonly used in communion wafers.  While it sounds simple to eliminate the gluten, the Catholic Church requires that the wafers be made with wheat, including the naturally-occurring gluten.

Two nuns took this task upon themselves and set out to solve the problem.  After much experimentation, Sister Lynn D’Souza created a communion wafer with the tiniest amount of gluten.  So small, that most people with sensitivity to wheat gluten can still eat it; and just enough that it satisfied the requirements of the church.  A miracle?  Perhaps.

People in need of gluten-free wafers can contact the Altar Breads office at 800-223-2772 or use the website.

Guest Interview Thai Street Food 7 MIN

Jet Tila is a culinary instructor and the chef/owner of Wazuzu at the Encore in Las Vegas.  He's a panelist at Good Food's Global Street Food event on May 1.  

Guest Interview Cooking with Geeks 7 MIN
Cooking is a science and Jeff Potter is interested in the hows and whys of the food engineering behind a recipe.  His book is Cooking for Geeks

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