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One of LA foodies' favorite rivalries is Eastside versus Westside eats. Jonathan Gold dissects the dining culture on both sides of the LA River and calls out several restaurants worth driving for. Wine guru Stacie Hunt highlights emerging wine regions and varietals in her Wine Club Package and chef, TV personality and restaurateur Jet Tila lists three dishes you can use to judge the quality of your local Thai restaurant. At the market, Laura Avery talks to Ria Wilson of Sqirl Cafe and farmer Peter Schaner about utilizing green garlic.

One Good Dish

David Tanis

Guest Interview Market Report

Ria Wilson is the sous chef at Sqirl Cafe, a shoe-box sized cafe in Silver Lake owned by Jessica Koslow of Sqirl Preserves. She's using green garlic in a frittata at the cafe. Find a recipe that features green garlic on the Good Food blog.

Farmer Peter Schaner explains how to decipher green garlic from spring onions. He says he plants entire rows specifically to harvest early, before the bulbs form. The tender young stalks have become popular among chefs who shop the market.

Guest Interview Emerging Wine Regions and Varietals

Stacie Hunt is the resident wine guru at Good Food. She comes to us from both Du Vin Wine and Spirits and Splash Productions. Details on the three bottles in her KCRW Wine Club package are on the Good Food blog.

Guest Interview How to Judge the Quality of Your Local Thai Restaurant

Jet Tila is a chef, TV personality and restaurant consultant. He grew up in his family's markets and restaurant kitchens in LA's Thai Town and has an intimate knowledge of Thai cooking and restaurants. He says there are three dishes that you can judge your local Thai restaurant on: rice, soup and curry.

Learn more about his Thai Town Tours.

Guest Interview Jonathan Gold Discusses Eastside v. Westside Eats

Los Angeles food lovers are fiercely loyal to their neighborhood cuisine. Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer Jonathan Gold joins the discussion of Eastside vs. Westside eats in this unique interview with Evan Kleiman. While it's not his typical restaurant review, Jonathan does mention several restaurants worth driving to on both sides of the LA River.

Do you live on the Eastside or the Westside? Take the poll on Which Way, LA?'s blog and you could have a chance to be on the radio next Wednesday, February 6.

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