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The Noma Guide to Fermentation 15 MIN, 32 SEC

From Copenhagen to Santa Monica: David Zilber and Rene Redzepi. Photo by Christopher Ho/KCRW

Humans have been preserving foods using fermentation for thousands of years. So why the renewed interest? One answer to that question is René Redzepi, acclaimed chef and co-owner of Noma in Copenhagen, which has been named the world’s best restaurant four times. Redzepi recently teamed up on a book with David Zilber, the mastermind of Noma’s fermentation lab.

The story of cheddar 13 MIN, 1 SEC

Cheddar production at Montgomery Cheese in Somerset, England. Photo credit: Simran Sethi

Fun fact: despite being used in so many American recipes, cheddar cheese was actually born in England. Contributor Simran Sethi shares the backstory of the cheese from its birthplace in Somerset, England, where only three cheddar producers remain.

Foraged then fermented 9 MIN, 2 SEC

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that LA author and naturalist Pascal Baudar would know a thing or two about fermentation and the art of brewing. After all, he was raised in Belgium, where beer is king. Equipped with his expert knowledge of local landscapes and foraging methods, he has the means to create some unique, natural concoctions. Baudar’s guide to putting your gathered ingredients to use is “The Wildcrafting Brewer.”

Market Report: Tokyo turnips 7 MIN, 42 SEC

Tokyo turnips are a perennial fall favorite at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market, and chefs like Ari Taymor of Little Prince are fond of showcasing their unique, meaty texture. Meanwhile, farmer Dawn Birch grows several varieties of turnips at Flora Bella Farm in Three Rivers.

‘Downtime’ with the Redzepis 6 MIN, 56 SEC

Nadine Levy Redzepi at KCRW studios. Photo by Christopher Ho/KCRW

“What do you cook for one of the best chefs in the world?” Nadine Levy Redzepi is all too familiar with this question. When her husband René isn’t running the two-Michelin-starred Noma, he’s often at home with his family enjoying Nadine’s simple yet elegant cooking. Her new book “Downtime” is a collection of recipes treasured by the Redzepis.


Nadine Levy Redzepi

Honoring two LA food legends 4 MIN, 22 SEC

The Julia Child Award recently went to some friends of Good Food at the Smithsonian Food History Gala in Washington D.C. Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger of Border Grill are the first women to receive the award since it was established in 2015. Evan discussed the historic first with selection jury member Darra Goldstein, a former editor of Gastronomica and a noted cookbook author.


Noma’s head of fermentation David Zilber strains apple and herb kombucha. Photo credit: Evan Sung

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