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Jonathan Gold samples Nigerian cuisine, while LeeAundra Temescu prepares first-person dinners. Steven Fineberg renders fat from bison and other meats, chef Michael Cimarusti cooks up spot prawns and chef Michel Richard socializes at Citrus. Dr. Prasanth Manthena talks about sleep issues and food, Karen Evenden tastes Croatian food and Laura Avery serves up a fresh Market Report.

Guest Interview The Market Report 7 MIN


Black Trumpet mushroom.jpg

Laura Avery chats with David West of Clearwater Farms, who explains why winter and summer are the worst time for mushrooms. He's waiting for April when morels will come into season but for now he has Black Trumpet and Yellowfoot which is the winter version of a chanterelle.

Yellowfoot mushroom.jpg



Daisy Tangerine.jpg

David Karp, The Fruit Detective, is crazy about Daisy tangerines. These are a seeded variety but have full flavor and aroma.  Look for them at Mud Creek Ranch.  Also good right now are the Pixie tangerine from Ojai. Friends Ranch sells these in the area farmers markets.

Yoki by Hirasawa Susumu

Guest Interview Nigerian Cuisine 7 MIN

Pulitzer Prize-winning critic and LA Weekly columnist Jonathan Gold samples egusi (chicken stew,) okra stew, equsi (spinach with chiles stew) and fufu (mashed cassava) at Nigerian eatery, Saaris. Gold also recommends the black-eyed peas.

307 E Hillcrest Blvd
Inglewood, CA 90301

Last week Jet Tila was on the show and mentioned a Thai place called Spicy BBQ Restaurant with 15 seats that specializes in Northern Thai food. One of our listeners, Paul Drooks, knows the place well. He says he always goes next door to Arax, an Armenian fast food restaurant next door.  He says it has the best Shawarma Pita in town. Plus, the owner comes in each morning with his wife to hand trim the meat.

Falafel Arax
5101 Santa Monica Blvd (at Normandie Ave)
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Yearning Just For You by Larry Elgart

Guest Interview First-Person Dinners 7 MIN

Communication coach and exotic eater LeeAundra Temescu prepares first-person dinners from food that is harvested, hunted, foraged or made by the participating eaters themselves. She talks about collecting honey, salt and grinding wheat by hand and how this experience changed her views about food.

Walk Don't Run by The John Barry Seven

Guest Interview Rendering Fat 7 MIN



Local Forage co-editor Steven Fineberg renders fat from bison kidney and other meats. He discusses schmaltz (rendered chicken fat,) leaf lard, the composition of fat and how to cook with rendered fats. Fineberg uses grass-fed bison from Lindner Bison in Valencia, California.

Upmann by The Octopus Project

Guest Interview Spot Prawns 7 MIN



Providence chef-owner Michael Cimarusti dishes up spot prawns. He has some delicious ideas for cooking and eating these relatives to shrimps.

5955 Melrose Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Until We Felt Red by Kaki King

Guest Interview Citrus at Social 7 MIN


Celebrated chef Michel Richard returns to Los Angeles with Citrus at Social. Before gaining acclaim for Citronelle, his Washington, D.C. restaurant, chef Richard made his mark with Citrus in Los Angeles, which closed in 2001.

Citrus at Social
Social Hollywood
6525 Sunset Blvd
Hollywood, CA 90028

Um Abraco no Codo by Milton Banana Trio

Guest Interview Sleep Issues and Food 7 MIN

Dr. Prasanth Manthena talks about how certain food or an empty stomach can affect sleep. Other important factors are the amount of food eaten and the timing of the meals. He discusses warm milk, wine, herbal teas, supplements, melantonin and how the lack of sleep has been linked to obesity. Dr. Manthena is a sleep disorder specialist and in the Neurology Department at Kaiser Permanente.

If you've got any special tricks for eating yourself to sleep let me know at GoodFood@kcrw.com

True by Tom Twyker

Guest Interview Croatian Cuisine 7 MIN

Taste of Croatia.jpg

Karen Evenden spent three years sailing the Adriatic coast and gained appreciation for Croatian food in her book, A Taste of Croatia. She describes Croatian cuisine, soups' main role in its gastronomy and the fresh produce and seafood found in its farmers markets. Evenden and her husband run New Oak Ranch in Ojai, where they grown lavendar, Ojai Pixie Tangerines, olives and walnuts.

A Taste of Croatia

Karen Evenden

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