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Do certain foods disgust you? Paul Rozin, a psychologist and pioneer in modern disgust research, explains why. schnapps and eau de vie have finally found a home in Los Angeles thanks to Austrian chef Bernhard Mairinger. Bill Esparza offers a lesson on how to order street food and Jonathan Gold shakes up his lunch - literally - in Koreatown. Plus, Sonoko Sakai discusses the beauty and nuance of handmade soba and milling master Glenn Roberts divulges which artisanal flours are the best for making cakes.

One Good Dish

David Tanis

Guest Interview Market Report 7 MIN, 27 SEC

Kajsa Alger is the executive chef at Street in Hollywood. Rather than creating meat-centric dishes that can be made vegetarian, Alger shifted the focus at Street to vegetarian dishes that can be ordered with meat. One example is her Braised Greens & Chorizo. Check out the recipe on the Good Food Blog.

Peter Schaner is the owner of Schaner Farms. He has first of the season green garlic and baby leeks at this stand this week. The two look practically identical so he suggests smelling the bulbs to decide if it's garlic or leeks.

Guest Interview Schnapps 6 MIN, 59 SEC

Bernhard Mairinger is the chef and owner of BierBeisl, the first Austrian restaurant to open in Los Angeles. In addition to the sausage and schnitzel, the restaurant will feature an entire schnapps menu. In Austria, schnapps and eau de vie are meant to be drunk at the end of a meal and, according to Mairinger, they will make you feel less full.

Guest Interview How to Order Street Food 7 MIN

Bill Esparza is the author of the blog, Street Gourmet LA. He explains how to order street food should you find yourself in Mexico City or amid the street food stalls in Downtown LA. You can find photos of the scene downtown on the Good Food Blog.




Guest Interview Food and Disgust 9 MIN, 20 SEC

Paul Rozin is a psychologist and a Professor at the University of Pennsylvania where he is pioneer of modern disgust research. He has also been editor of Appetite and served on the editorial board of the Journal of Gastronomy.

Guest Interview Slurping Soba 7 MIN, 55 SEC

Sonoko Sakai is a cookbook author and food writer. In 2010 she fulfilled her dream of learning to make soba by hand. She enrolled in a professional soba-making program in Japan and now gives lessons on how to make your own soba at home.

She is also the program director for Common Grains, a cultural initiative showcasing the importance of Japanese grains.

Guest Interview Rediscovering Old Grains and Techniques 9 MIN, 52 SEC

Glenn Roberts is the owner of Anson Mills in South Carolina. He founded his company to grow, harvest and mill near-extinct varieties of heirloom corn, rice and wheat organically, and to re-create ingredients that were in the Southern larder before the Civil War. Anson Mills now works with 30 organic growers in six states to grow a variety of native heirloom grains.

Guest Interview Shaking It Up in Koreatown 8 MIN, 46 SEC

Jonathan Gold visits Kang Hodong Baekjeong in Chapman Plaza, which he describes as the epicenter of Korean nightlife in Los Angeles. He says the meat at this Korean BBQ joint is better than most other restaurants and he is currently fascinated by the dosirak, the Korean equivalent of a Bento Box, but here it's shaken vigorously to distribute all of the ingredients.

Kang Hodong Baekjeong
3465 W 6th St
Los Angeles, CA 90020

All of Jonathan Gold's restaurant suggestions are on the Good Food Restaurant Map.

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