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Photo: Rick Poon

I'll Have What Phil's Having 17 MIN, 7 SEC

A decade after his hit series Everybody Loves Raymond wrapped, television producer and writer Phil Rosenthal created I'll Have What Phil's Having. Right out of the gate, his PBS show won a 2016 James Beard Award. Rosenthal aims to get audience members off the couch to join him at the table for hundred-year-old eggs in Hong Kong and scoops of gelato in Italy: “My point is to get you to travel. And if food and humor are the way in on this particular show, so be it.” Watch crema gelato from Vivoli in Florence bring Rosenthal to tears in this clip.

Music: "Lentil" by Sia and "Electric Bird" by Sia

Huang's World 6 MIN, 25 SEC

Now for a different kind of voice encouraging us to explore the world through the lens of food: Enter Eddie Huang, self-described "Human Panda." In Huang's World on Viceland TV, we visit Shanghai to try red-cooked pork and Chengdu for mapo tofu with pig brains. That's rich. Watch the trailer to get a taste of the show.

Listen to more of our Food on the Screen series here. Back with more next week.

Music: "Oooh" by De La Soul

Phoenix Claws and Jade Trees 8 MIN, 22 SEC

Nostalgia and yearning for the flavors of home can push us to do things we never would have imagined. Just ask Kian Lam Kho. Kho's family is from Fujian province in Southeast China but he was born in Indonesia and grew up in Singapore. After emigrating to the US in the 1970's, Kho decided it was better to write his family for family recipes than to stomach the Cantonese fare at his neighborhood Chinese joint in Boston. His beautiful new book, Phoenix Claws and Jade Trees, is a guide to making Chinese cuisine at home. Find a recipe for his Three-Cup Chicken on the Good Food blog and more tips on Kho's blog, Red Cook.

Music: "Come Together"

Nectarines of the gods 6 MIN, 52 SEC

Back in the early 17th century, the term nectarine was used to describe anything of or like nectar, that sugary substance gathered by bees to make honey. In Greek and Roman mythology, nectar is an other-worldly drink consumed by the gods. Nowadays, we know the nectarine to be that smooth-skinned fruit with firm sweet flesh. Nectarines are in the peach family but lack the gene for fuzz.

All this sounds like a lot of pressure riding on one kind of fruit. But John Tenerelli is up to the task. He's been farming for 35 years and grows 15 kinds of yellow and white nectarines at his orchard in Littlerock, California. For the next two weeks, find Diamond Bright nectarines from his farm at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market before they disappear until next year. Heirloom LA produce manager Sarah Delevan suggests trying the stone fruit roasted or grilled with baby heirloom carrots, fresh arugula and a bright, herby vinaigrette. Find her recipe on the Good Food blog.

Music: "The Fall" (Instrumental) by Rhye and "Crack a Bottle" (Instrumental) by Eminem

Blinged-out Korean BBQ at Hanjip 5 MIN, 25 SEC

"The idea is, as far as I can tell, blinged-out Korean BBQ." That's the word on the street from Jonathan Gold about Hanjip, the Culver City restaurant from chef Chris Oh and restaurant owner Stephane Bombet. Hanjip serves Korean BBQ, but it is the cuisine outside the canon that Jonathan likes best: the rib-eye steak, the poutine topped with beef bulgogi, the corn cheese served with a huge marrow bone and the soju-soaked watermelon dessert filled with Pop Rocks and Fruity Pebbles.

3829 Main Street
Culver City, CA 90232

Behold these marvels on the Good Food blog and read Jonathan's LA Times review of Hanjip here.

Music: "Unchained" by James Brown

Around the Fire at Ox 11 MIN, 35 SEC

Humans are the only animals that cook their food and there is something about an open flame that brings us together. Greg Denton and Gabrielle Quiñónez Denton know this all too well. The husband and wife are chef-owners of the Portland restaurant Ox. In their first cookbook, Around the Fire, the Dentons share their take on Argentinian churrasco-style grilling in the Pacific Northwest. Taste for yourself on June 20 at a fire-centric feast they'll be putting on at Terrine with chef Kris Morningstar.

Music: "Bustin' Surfboards" by The Tornadoes and "Malambo No. 1" by Yma Sumac

Around the Fire

Greg Denton

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