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Flame grilled and hand forged 12 MIN, 47 SEC

It’s been nearly five years since Adam Perry Lang camped out behind Jimmy Kimmel’s studio with a dozen Big Green eggs and an Airstream, while throngs of people lined up to sample his barbecue. Now Perry Lang is finally set to open his steak-centric restaurant, APL. Diners will be able to feel Lang’s passion for dry-aged beef with every bite, especially because he forged each and every steak knife by hand.

The finished product. Photo by Adam Perry Lang.

Can you define 'meat?' 8 MIN, 46 SEC

Amid technological advances and appeals for sustainability, plant-based meat alternatives and cell-cultured meat are making ranchers, feedlots and slaughterhouses squirm. Chase Purdy reported for Quartz on the U.S. Cattlemen’s Association and its petition to define meat.

The tradition of Mimouna 5 MIN, 53 SEC

Rabbi Daniel Bouskila joins Evan to talk about the food traditions of Mimouna, the North African Jewish celebration held a day after Passover.*

*Note: This segment was recorded prior to the Sabbath.

The best of Harper's food writing 8 MIN, 8 SEC

Harper’s Magazine has been a platform for exceptional food writing for the last 167 years. The new compilation “Know That What You Eat You Are: The Best Food Writing from Harper’s Magazine” catalogs iconic articles from famous authors published throughout the magazine’s tenure. Editors Giulia Melucci and Ellen Rosenbush collaborated to bring the anthology to life.

The life and times of Ernest Mickler 8 MIN, 10 SEC

Photo by Ernest Mickler.

Ernest Mickler, author of “White Trash Cooking” and “Sinkin’ Spells, Hot Flashes, Fits and Cravins,” certainly seems to have cast a spell over writer-photographer Michael Adno. Mickler spent his career chronicling the people and food of the American South. Adno’s article on Mickler’s life and times was recently published by The Bitter Southerner.

Market Report: Just 'beet' it! 7 MIN, 30 SEC

This week at the Santa Monica Farmers Market, Laura Avery checks in with Renata Rokicki, executive chef at Cafe Birdie in Highland Park, about how to best utilize beets in her dishes. Julia Tamai from Tamai Family Farms dives into the beet growing process, as well.

Photo by Gyöngyi Nagy.

Jonathan Gold dines on sushi at Shiki 4 MIN, 13 SEC

Morihiro "Mori" Onodera might have LA’s most passionate sushi fans. Jonathan Gold stopped by Chef Onodera’s latest venture, Shiki Beverly Hills, for a reminder of why high-end sushi connoisseurs seek out his fare.

Chef Mori Onodera returns to the sushi bar at Shiki Beverly Hills,
after a seven year hiatus. Photo courtesy of Shiki Beverly Hills.

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