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Happy Halloween!  This week, host Evan Kleiman goes on a tour of haunted L.A. restaurants with Richard Carradine.  Jonathan Gold takes us to Daglas Burger for a mountain of French fries.  Good Food producer Harriet Ells just got back from Bogota, Colombia.  She'll tell us what she ate on her trip.  The newest food celebrities in Los Angeles are butchers.  Meet Amelia Posada and Erika Nakamura, aka Lindy and Grundy, whose butcher shop opens next month.  After an expose revealed fraud at Southern California farmers markets, work has been done to make improvements.  David Karp and Amelia Saltsman explain how the markets are regulated and they share their ideas for changes to the system.  We'll go apple picking with Delilah Snell.  Plus legendary cookbook author Paula Wolfert  tells us about the wonders of clay pot cooking.  Plus Michael McCarty of Michael's restaurant shares a recipe from the Santa Monica Farmers Market.


One Good Dish

David Tanis

Guest Interview Market Report 8 MIN, 13 SEC
Michael McCarty own Michael's

in Santa Monica (1147 Third Street) and in New York.  The restaurant is hosting monthly Market Meet-ups where you can shop at the market with Michael's staff, then sip wine and taste their market creation.  November’s ingredient is Parsnips from Weiser Farms. Michael's chefs will prepare: Seared Nantucket Bay Scallops with Parsnip Puree, Bloomsdale Spinach, Mangalitsa Pork Belly Lardons, and Chives.


Jeff Regier from Penryn Orchard Specialties brings three different kinds of persimmons to the farmers market.  The tsurunoko

persimmon is also known as the "chocolate" persimmon for it's color.

Guest Interview Farmers Market Integrity 10 MIN, 17 SEC

David Karp is a pomologist who writes the Market Watch column for The Los Angeles Times.  Amelia Saltsman is the author of The Santa Monica Farmers Market Cookbook.  She is also on the board of the California Certified Farmers Market Advisory Committee. 

They are responding to Joel Grover's expose on NBC where he revealed fraud at several Southern California farmers markets.


Music Break: Soul Sauce (Wachi Wara) by Xavier Cigat & His Orchestra

Guest Interview Eating in Bogota 5 MIN, 45 SEC

Good Food producer Harriet Ells recently traveled to Bogota, Colombia.  Read about what she ate and see pictures here.

Guest Interview Haunted LA Restaurants 7 MIN, 57 SEC

Richard Carradine is the President and Co-Founder of the Ghost Hunters of Urban Los Angeles.  He says there are many haunted restaurants in Los Angeles.  See a full list here.

Guest Interview Apple Picking 5 MIN, 11 SEC

Delilah Snell owns The Road Less Traveled Store in Santa Ana.  She went apple picking at Willowbrook Farm, an orchard in Oak Glen.  Willowbrook has 100-year old Stayman Winesap apples. 


Music Break: Spiralys by Calibro

Guest Interview Introducing Lindy and Grundy 9 MIN

Amelia Posada and Erika Nakamura are Lindy & Grundy, butchers who are opening a shop on Melrose and Fairfax.  Their emphasis will be on sustainable meats.


Music Break: Summertime (instrumental version) by Josh Rouse

Guest Interview Daglas Drive-in 5 MIN, 32 SEC
This week Jonathan Gold reviews Daglas Drive-in in Canoga Park.  With your burger, you get a mountain of French fries, served with tzatziki sauce.

20036 Vanowen St.
Canoga Park
(818) 883-631

All of Jonathan Gold's restaurant suggestions are on the Good Food Restaurant Map
Music Break: Sun-Kissed Chicks by J.J. Debout
Guest Interview Clay Pot Cooking 6 MIN, 35 SEC

Paula Wolfert is the author of numerous cookbooks including Mediterranean Clay Pot Cooking.  A recipe from Paula is here.

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