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Finding the flavors we lost 14 MIN, 23 SEC

Small-batch bourbon. House-made mayonnaise. Handcrafted cheese. Artisanal foods are more popular than ever. But where did the D.I.Y. movement in food begin? The food critic for LA Magazine, Patric Kuh, fills us in. Pick up a copy of his new book, Finding the Flavors We Lost: From Bread to Bourbon, How Artisans Reclaimed American Food, at The Last Bookstore. Catch Kuh in conversation with Chef Josef Centeno (Bar Amá, Bäco Mercat) on Monday at the store; you can RSVP here.

Hive heists and stolen honeybees 7 MIN, 48 SEC

Conjure up an image of a burglar. The last thing you'd probably imagine is a man in a white beekeeper suit and netted headgear, tiptoeing across a field in the dead of night. But beehives are a hot commodity these days and hive theft has become a serious issue for California almond farmers. More than 80 percent of the planet's almonds come from California groves and the bees are a necessary tool used to pollinate 800,000 acres of trees. Jodi Helmer is a North Carolina beekeeper and is covering the hive heist for NPR's The Salt blog.

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The art of picking the perfect watermelon 6 MIN, 54 SEC

Nothing disappoints more than cracking open a carefully selected watermelon only to find mealy, bland flesh inside. So how do you know which gloriously green striated melons will bear dead-ripe red fruit? Victor Gomez of Munak Ranch schools us on how to pick the perfect watermelon, and 1212 chef Walter Greenwood shares a watermelon gazpacho recipe to beat the summer heat. You can find it on the Good Food blog.

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The New Bread Basket 10 MIN, 58 SEC

Bread — whether tall, flat, enriched with egg or unsalted — has historically brought together communities. So have mills. Food and ag writer Amy Halloran explores the revival of regional grain production in the US, starting in her home state of New York, in The New Bread Basket. See where Halloran got started on her quest in this video on how to make the perfect pancake.

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The New Bread Basket

Amy Halloran

Grist & Toll 9 MIN, 55 SEC

The industrialized production of wheat has stripped so many breads, pastries, cookies and cakes of taste and nutritional value. Enter baker Nan Kohler. In Pasadena, California, she is trying to give wheat back its good name at her flour mill Grist & Toll. Find a recipe for her whole grain berry shortcake on the Good Food blog.

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Bulgogi, Gangnam-style 5 MIN, 28 SEC

Ask Koreans and Korean-Americans where to find the best bulgogi in town and they'll probably tell you, “My mom's version is the best.” At Gwang Yang, the recipe for preparing the marinade and the meat has been carefully guarded for three generations. Learn what makes the restaurant's bulgogi, especially the Gangnam-style, so special on the Good Food blog. Find Jonathan Gold's LA Times review of the restaurant here.

Gwang Yang
3435 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 123
Los Angeles, CA 90010

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