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Jonathan Gold has the scoop on Israeli hummus, researcher Marcia Pelchat discusses the likes and dislikes of picky eaters, and food writer Nina Planck on vegan baby diets. Author Julia Flynn Siler decants the history of Mondavi, the house that wine built, and beer sommelier Christina Perozzi reveals why beer and women DO mix. Houston restaurant critic Robb Walsh waxes poetic over cowboy food slang like "fluff-duffs" and "pig vests." Jo Robinson promotes the benefits of grass-fed meat, and Laura Avery checks in with this season's freshest in our weekly Market Report.

One Good Dish

David Tanis

Guest Interview The Market Report 7 MIN


Laura Avery speaks with The Fruit Detective, David Karp, about special Coachella Valley mangoes grown near the Salton Sea by Wong Family Farms. These fragrant, flavorful mangoes are stringless and in short supply. Only available for a few weeks at Santa Monica's Wednesday Farmers Market, this fleshy fruit will sell out quickly, so go and eat 'em!

Heirloom tomatoes are also in season now. Look for the wide varieties, from purple to green to the bright orange "Caltrans."

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Guest Interview The Hummus Bar 7 MIN

Garbanzos or chickpeas? Call them what you will. Good Food's favorite omnivore and Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic for the LA Weekly, Jonathan Gold, swipes his pita at The Hummus Bar. This specialty restaurant offers seven varieties of thick and creamy, made-from-scratch hummus, including stewed fava beans, spicy tomato sauce and eggs, or toasted pine nuts.

The Hummus Bar
18743 Ventura Blvd
Tarzana, CA 91356

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Guest Interview Picky Eaters 7 MIN


For some people, trying a new food can be a distressing experience. Marcia Levin Pelchat of the Monell Chemical Senses Center researches picky eaters. A lot of children start out this way, but they grew out of it. For scores of adults, though, this limited food range often affects their social lives. Some picky eaters eat 20 or fewer different foods and may reject an entire class of food. To overcome this problem, parents should invite people over to eat, dine out, or expose their own children to kids who are eating different foods. To find out more about the interesting research on taste, smell, and chemical irritation, visit the Monell website.

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Guest Interview Vegan Baby 7 MIN


Food writer Nina Planck, author of Real Food: What to Eat and Why, discusses the effects of a vegan diet on developing bodies.  Some parents have gone to jail for imposing their own restrictions on their kids. A vegan diet for babies may lack cholesterol (used to make nerve cells), vitamin B12 (found only in animal foods) and usable vitamins A and D (found in eggs, fish, meat and butter). Nina discussed the risks of a vegan baby diet in this recent New York Times op-ed article.

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Guest Interview House of Mondavi 7 MIN


Before the name Mondavi became synonymous with wine, wine drinking was a foreign concept in this country. Robert Mondavi is credited with starting the wine revolution in the US and changing the way Americans view and drink it. Julia Flynn Siler's House of Mondavi: The Rise and Fall of an American Wine Dynasty, unearths the secrets of the first family of wine.

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Guest Interview Beer Chick 7 MIN


Beer sommelier Christina Perozzi carves a unique career niche for herself. Her mission is to dispel the misconceptions many women have about beer and bring beer to the modern woman's dining experience. Considered to be one of the top female beer experts on the West Coast, you can visit Christina at Library Bar in downtown Los Angeles. She blogs about all things beer and is writing a book titled Beer 4 Chx.

Library Bar
630 W 6th St, Suite 116A
Los Angeles, CA 90017

Music Break -- Artistry in Western Swing - Tex Williams

Guest Interview Texas Cowboy Cookbook 7 MIN


Robb Walsh reviews restaurants for the Houston Press and is a two-time winner of the James Beard Award. In his latest book, The Texas Cowboy Cookbook, Robb introduces us to some classic cowboy groceries slang, like "fluff-duffs" (fancy foods) and "pig vests" (salt pork) and to cowgirls and black cowboys.

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Guest Interview Grass-fed Meat 7 MIN


Head writer and researcher for Eat Wild, Jo Robinson promotes the benefits of grass-fed meat over grain-fed, store-bought meat. Studies show raising animals on pasture is good for the animals, the environment, farm families, and the health of consumers. There are places here in California where people can buy grass-fed meat.

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