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From the Tsukiji Market’s tuna auction, to Japanese soul food, to dashi-- we take a look at Japanese cuisine.

An In Depth Look at Tsukiji Market 15 MIN, 27 SEC

David Kinch, chef and owner of Manresa in Los Gatos, is deeply inspired by the food and culture in Japan. He has been visiting Japan frequently over the last eight years and stops by Tsukiji Market every day during his visits to Tokyo. He shares a snapshot of the market with us.

Beth Reiber is the author of Frommer’s Japan and Frommer’s Tokyo. She is also an Ambassador for Visit Japan. She says 30 years ago there were little to no foreigners at Tsukiji but today, tourists are loving the market to death. They now limit the number of tourists who can visit the tuna auction, but Reiber suggests skipping the auction in favor of a sushi breakfast at one of the many stalls that line the outside of the market.

Professor Theodore Bestor is the Director of the Reischauer Institute of Japanese Studies at Harvard where he teaches anthropology. He’s also the author of Tsukiji: The Fish Market at the Center of the World. He discusses the future of Tsukiji which is due to move in 2016, in advance of the 2020 Olympics.

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Theodore C. Bestor

How to Make Dashi 8 MIN, 36 SEC

Sonoko Sakai is a food writer, author and cooking instructor based in Los Angeles. She is also the founder of Common Grains, a project to deepen Americans understanding of Japanese culture and cuisine.

She describes how to make dashi, a simple stock that is a staple of Japanese cuisine. Find her dashi recipe, as well as a soup with broccoli and wakame on the Good Food blog.

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Koji: A Miracle Ingredient 8 MIN, 44 SEC

Cortney Burns is co-chef with Nick Balla at Bar Tartine in San Francisco. They have a brand new cookbook out called Bar Tartine: Techniques and Recipes. Burns talks about the process of making koji and why it is such a crucial ingredient for everything from meat marinades to ice cream on the menu at Bar Tartine.

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Bar Tartine

Cortney Burns

Ivan Ramen: An Unlikely Story of a New York Jew in Tokyo 9 MIN, 11 SEC

Ivan Orkin owns ramen shops in Tokyo and New York City. His book is Ivan Ramen: Love, Obsession and Recipes from Tokyo’s Most Unlikely Noodle Shop. Find a recipe for his Dashi Maki Tamago on the Good Food blog.

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Ivan Ramen

Ivan Orkin

Japanese Soul Cooking 7 MIN, 11 SEC

Tadashi Ono and Harris Salat explore the comfort food of Japan in their latest book, Japanese Soul Cooking.

Find a recipe for their Classic Tonkatsu on the Good Food blog.

Jonathan Gold Reviews Saint Martha 6 MIN, 32 SEC

Jonathan Gold is the Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer for the LA Times. This week, he reviews Saint Martha, a new (non-Korean) restaurant in Koreatown that’s serving some quirky dishes.

Saint Martha
740 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 9005

Jonathan recommends the steak and oyster tartare, brassicas with brewer’s yeast broth, trout with green goddess dressing, and the pecan-smoked brisket.

Find all of Jonathan Gold’s restaurant recommendations on the Good Food Restaurant Map.

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