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How does grilling your desserts change their flavor profiles? Photo credit: Katie Bell.

‘Jell-O Girls’ 10 MIN, 41 SEC

In the early 20th Century, Jell-O was marketed as a product of convenience for American housewives, a strategy that ensured the brand’s success for generations. But the dessert’s history and the family behind it are riddled with trauma and tragedy. Allie Rowbottom describes her family’s legacy as a curse in her book, Jell-O Girls.

Allie Rowbottom weaves family experience through her history of Jell-O in her new book, Jell-O Girls. Photo credit: Steven Depolo.

JELL-O Girls

Allie Rowbottom

Tortilla Tournament reaches the ‘Suave 16’ 5 MIN, 6 SEC

The brackets are heating up! This week the 64 tortilla makers in our Great Tortilla Tournament were whittled down to the “Suave 16.” Gustavo Arellano drops by Good Food with some smart analysis on the matchups so far.

Grilling your desserts 8 MIN, 30 SEC

For many, Labor Day means gathering around a barbecue and grilling up classics like burgers, hot dogs, and corn. But Valerie Confections pastry chef Valerie Gordon is encouraging home cooks to step out of their comfort zones and try grilling their desserts.

Valerie Gordon wants to challenges grill masters to smoke their sweets. Photo credit: Katie Bell.

Losing earth to climate change 10 MIN, 44 SEC

The history of the global community’s response to climate change is one of missed opportunities and ignored warnings. With support from the Pulitzer Center, Nathaniel Rich recently penned an in-depth feature for the New York Times Magazine about the period between 1979 and 1989: the crucial window when a course correction might have been possible.

Vertical farming 8 MIN, 22 SEC

The future of farming has all the trappings of a sci-fi flick: automation, mega-warehouses and artificial light. While “plant factory” farming uses less water and is more space efficient than field farming, technology comes with a hefty sticker price. Steve Holt recently wrote for Civil Eats about how vertical farming is scaling up.

The budding trend of vertical farming comes with an expensive set of issues. Photo credit: chipmunk_1/Flickr
Market Report: Beans 7 MIN, 50 SEC

Laura Avery’s learning about creative uses of black-eyed peas from LA Times Test Kitchen director Noelle Carter, who’s cooking at the LA Times Taste food festival over Labor Day weekend. Plus, a look at the varietals grown by farmer Zach Nichols and his family at 2 Peas in a Pod in Arroyo Grande.

Scarlett runner beans at the Santa Monica Farmers Market. Photo credit: Joseph Stone.

Jonathan Gold on Nha Trang 5 MIN, 12 SEC

Jonathan Gold’s love of San Gabriel noodle shops was well documented by the volume of his reviews canvassing the area—so much that he would get reader complaints. Writer Tien Nguyen recalls Gold’s 2011 review of Vietnamese noodle house Nha Trang in San Gabriel, in which Jonathan passionately defended his obsession against critics.

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