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Randy Clemens, founder of the first annual LA Sriracha Festival shares a brief history of sriracha and how he likes to use it; plus, Michael Kiser of Good Beer Hunting discusses how craft brewers are experimenting with coffee in their beer. Sports fans beware - Pierre Chandon researched the negative effects that a team’s losing streak can have on your waistline. Jonathan Gold visits Bucato where he is impressed by Chef Evan Funke’s handmade pasta. Plus, Kathy Brennan and Caroline Campion offer some life saving advice for weeknight meals and third generation butcher Kari Underly explains why pork butt was recently renamed the Boston roast. For comic relief - Tom Saunders imagines what a conversation between a Vitamix and an espresso maker would sound like. At the market, Laura Avery talks to Serena Herrick about her market inspired cocktails and Ruth Jaime describes the different types of celery they sell at the Wednesday market.

One Good Dish

David Tanis

Guest Interview If Your Kitchen Appliances Could Talk, What Would They Say? 4 MIN

Tom Saunders is a comedy writer based in Los Angeles. He is known for his work on Arrested Development, The Larry Sanders Show and Just Shoot Me. Everything Talks is a collaboration with KCRW’s design and architecture show DnA. In this episode, we hear a Vitamix in conversation with a Rancilio Silvia espresso maker.

Guest Interview Uppers and Downers - The Marriage of Coffee and Beer 6 MIN, 35 SEC

Michael Kiser writes the blog Good Beer Hunting. He will be leading a panel discussion about the intersection of beer and coffee this Saturday at Intelligentsia’s Pasadena location with brewers from Three Floyds, Solemn Oath, Lost Abbey, Stone, Firestone Walker, Angel City, and Goose Island.


You can purchase tickets here.

Guest Interview Is Your Favorite Sports Team Ruining Your Waistline? 4 MIN, 12 SEC

Pierre Chandon is a marketing professor at INSEAD - a business school in France and Singapore. He discovered that a sports team’s losing streak can adversely affect the eating habits of fans. 


We first heard about his study in this New York Times article.

Main Topic Sriracha - A History and LA's First Sriracha Festival 9 MIN, 36 SEC

Randy Clemens is the author of two books: The Sriracha Cookbook and The Veggie Lover's Sriracha Cookbook. You can find a recipe for his SPAM Fried Rice and his vegan Maple-Sriracha Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Cranberry Wild Rice on the Good Food Blog.


Find details on the First Annual LA Sriracha Festival here.

Guest Interview It's a Handmade Pasta Experience at Bucato 7 MIN, 44 SEC

Jonathan Gold is the Pulitzer Prize winning food writer for the LA Times. He reviews Chef Evan Funke’s new restaurant Bucato, located in the Helms Bakery complex. He recommends the fried zucchini blossoms, fried artichokes, the bitter greens and all the housemade breads; but the housemade pastas are the star of the show. Jonathan’s favorites are the cacio e pepe and corzetti with walnut pesto.



3280 Helms Ave

Culver City, CA 90034

(310) 876-0286


All of Jonathan Gold's restaurant suggestions are on the Good Food Restaurant Map.

Guest Interview Market Report 9 MIN, 31 SEC

Last weekend, KCRW presented California Cuisine - What it is and why it matters as part of their ongoing UpClose event series. During the panel Nancy Silverton and Joyce Goldstein remember that local food wasn’t always a way of life in California.

Serena Herrick is the bar manager at Allumette in Echo Park. She’s shopping for Asian pears from Penryn Orchards and celery from Jaime Farms for her cocktail the Poire Little Reach Boy. 

Ruth Jaime is part of the family who owns Jaime Farms. She explains the difference in the types of celery they grow. The spindly dark green celery has a more intense flavor and is great for juicing and cocktails.

Guest Interview Weeknight Keepers for the Busy Cook 7 MIN, 3 SEC
Guest Interview How Pork Butt Became the Boston Roast - Renaming Meat Cuts 7 MIN, 12 SEC

Kari Underly comes from a long line of butchers.  Her grandmother had her meat cutter’s license back when the skill was certified and her grandfather as well as her father wore a mesh apron.  In her over 25 years of experience, she has seen a significant decline in the knowledge of beef, with even those in the industry not knowing from what part of the animal certain parts derive.  She was instrumental in developing new consumer-friendly names for meat cuts that were introduced in April.

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