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Chef Marcus Samuelsson shares his extraordinary journey to becoming a professional chef. Summer corn is on pastry chefs Zoe Nathan and Shiho Yoshikawa's summer menus in the form of fresh corn cake and corn ice cream and farmer Scott Peacock showcases his many varieties of eggplant at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market. Willy Blackmore takes us on an eating tour of the new Expo Line and Jonathan Gold reviews Maison Giraud in the Pacific Palisades. Researcher Ruthann Rudel tells us that plastic packaging is leaching into our foods and scientist David Edwards proposes a solution in the form of Wikicells, an edible packaging technology. Plus, food writer Lesley Balla talks about this year's restaurant awards from Angeleno magazine and baker extraordinaire Alice Medrich shares some tips for jazzing up a simple press in pie crust.

One Good Dish

David Tanis

Guest Interview Market Report 7 MIN, 3 SEC

Zoe Nathan of Huckleberry, Rustic Canyon and Milo & Olive talks about her buttery corn cake and Shiho Yoshikawa of Sweet Rose Creamery discusses her corn ice cream. Both pastry chefs use fresh corn from the farmers' market to infuse their sweets with that fresh corn flavor. The cake and ice cream make an appearance together on the dessert menu at Rustic Canyon where they are topped with a dollop of strawberry compote. Check out recipes for corn cake and corn ice cream on the Good Food Blog.

Scott Peacock of Peacock Family Farms now has at least eight varieties of eggplants for sale at his stand at the Santa Monica and Hollywood Farmers Markets. They come in a variety of shapes and colors and each variety has its own characteristics.

Guest Interview Eating on the Expo Line 9 MIN, 28 SEC

Willy Blackmore is the Los Angeles editor for Tasting Table. He takes us on an eating tour of the new Expo Line. A list of restaurants he visited are on the Good Food Blog.

Guest Interview A Taste of Provence in the Palisades 5 MIN, 8 SEC

provence.jpgJonathan Gold visits Chef Alain Giraud's latest venture in the Pacific Palisades. Known for his high end cooking at places like Bastide and most recently Anisette, Giraud is taking a simpler approach at Maison Giraud offering dishes like soupe au pistou, homemade duck terrine, chicken "Catherine" and seared scallops with braised leeks. Perhaps the best time of day to visit is breakfast where you can sample pastry chef Noubar Yessayan's outstanding croissants and pastries.


Maison Giraud
1032 Swarthmore Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90272

You can find all of Jonathan's restaurant suggestions on the Good Food restaurant map.

Guest Interview Marcus Samuelsson's New Memoir 12 MIN, 13 SEC

gf120714samuelsson-bk.jpg Marcus Samuelsson is a James Beard Award-winning chef and author, winner of Top Chef Masters Season 1 and chef/owner of Red Rooster in Harlem. His memoir is Yes, Chef.

Yes, Chef

Marcus Samuelsson

Guest Interview Is Plastic Packaging Leaching into Our Food? 4 MIN, 55 SEC

Ruthann Rudel is Director of Research at the Silent Spring Institute. She recently was part of a team that looked at the effects of eliminating plastic from our food supply entirely.

Guest Interview Edible Packaging: Wikicells 7 MIN, 11 SEC

David Edwards is a biomedical engineer at Harvard and the founder and director of Le Laboratoire in Paris, France. His latest project is Wikicells, a new edible packaging technology that allows individuals to eat and transport food without plastic. The potential impact is huge considering that by weight, 50% of all of the trash in the United States is from packaging.

Guest Interview Angeleno Magazine's 2012 Restaurant Awards 6 MIN, 53 SEC

Lesley Balla is a food writer who writes for Angeleno magazine and ChowBalla.com. She selected the 10 Restaurant Awards for this year's July issue of Angeleno. Hear an outtake of her conversation about the best places to find oysters in LA as well as all of her restaurant picks on the Good Food Blog.

Guest Interview How To Jazz Up a Press-in Pie Crust 3 MIN, 40 SEC

gf120714medrich-bk.jpg Alice Medrich is a baking queen. She's written a number of delicious baking books and her latest is Sinfully Easy Delicious Desserts. She suggests dressing up a simple press in graham cracker pie crust with the addition of spices, ground nuts or both. For a mouthwatering example check out her recipe for Milk Chocolate Pudding Pie with Salted Peanut Crust.

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