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'Autentico' 12 MIN, 46 SEC

Rolando Beramendi has the enviable job of traveling Italy in search of the best ingredients. His business, Manicaretti, is an importer and wholesaler of fine Italian foods to retailers and restaurants. His new book is “Autentico: Cooking Italian, the Authentic Way.”

Tomato halves with capers and garlic from
Autentico by Rolando Beramendi. Photo by Laurie Frankel.


Rolando Beramendi

Massimo Bottura's reclamation project 11 MIN, 20 SEC

There is a dish on the menu at Modena restaurant, Osteria Francescana, that is an ode to chef Massimo Bottura’s memories of fighting at breakfast with his brother over the leftover bread from the night before. “Bread is Gold,” Bottura’s new book, is a collection of recipes created from undervalued and discarded foods.

Bread Is Gold

Massimo Bottura

Flavors of home 5 MIN, 52 SEC

America’s culinary landscape is shaped by the food traditions of those who’ve immigrated to the country. For those like Luis Chavez of Chicago, something as simple as a mole recipe can transport them back to the family and friends they left behind. Contributor Hayley Fager shares Chavez’s story in this audio postcard, the first of a series called Postcards Home.

Jonathan Gold studies the aguachile at El Coraloense 7 MIN, 38 SEC

The plates at family-friendly restaurant El Coraloense in Bell Gardens may not be perfectly Instagram-ready, but they’re easy for many to love. Their aguachile plate features juicy, tart shrimp in a rustic salsa, giving the whole plate a very “Ugly Delicious” vibe. However, the bright flavors and fresh ceviche keep the establishment in necessary rotation for LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold.

The consequences of 'no tipping' 10 MIN, 32 SEC

In 2015, Los Angeles restaurateur Andrea Borgen opened barcito in downtown. When she opened, she wanted to create a neighborhood cafe, complete with happy workers making livable wages—so she eliminated tipping, in exchange for higher prices.Three years later, Borgen is still wrestling with the decision.

Market Report: Cherries 8 MIN, 18 SEC

It’s cherry season! Laura Avery heads to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market to talk with Rebecca Merhej, chef de cuisine at Manhattan Beach’s Love & Salt about the fruit. Cherries are a must-buy for summer, and farmer Steve Murray Sr. of Murray Family Farms in Bakersfield, is growing enough to go around.

Cherries, basically the sponsor of all summer fun. Photo courtesy of
Max Pixel.

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