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Food writer Michael Pollan has written some of the most influential books of the last decade. In his new book, Cooked, he explores the role of fire, water, air and earth in cooking. Two holidays fall on May 5 this year: Cinco de Mayo and Greek Easter. Diane Kochilas shares some ideas for celebrating Greek Easter while Lotería Grill owner Jimmy Shaw suggests sipping on sangrita this Cinco de Mayo. Drunken Botanist author Amy Stewart describes how tequila, mezcal and pulque are made from the agave plant. Jonathan Gold finds a unique mash up of Sinaloan food and sushi at Sushinaloa in Lynwood. Plus, independent producer Gideon Brower visits the last chicken show of the season in Ventura County. He offers a snapshot of the competitors, their exotic birds and the judging process. At the market, Laura Avery talks to Nicole Mournian about her road trip to compete (and win a blue ribbon!) in the National Pie Contest and farmer Steve Murray is back with his first of the season cherries.

Banner image: Gideon Brower

One Good Dish

David Tanis

Guest Interview Market Report 8 MIN, 5 SEC

Steve and Vickie Murray own Murray Family Farms in Arvin, California. This week they brought their first of the season cherries to the Santa Monica Farmers' Market.

Nicole Mournian
is General Manager at Gjelina Take Away where she oversees the pastry program. She swept Good Food's 4th Annual Pie Contest and last week she won another blue ribbon at the National Pie Contest in Orlando, Florida. En route to the pie contest, Mournian and her co-workers drove across the American South, stopping to visit with pie bakers along the way and filming a documentary about the experience. At Gjelina Take Away you can taste her Blueberry Pecan Crostata with Cold Cream inspired by her visit to Pie Lab in Alabama.

Guest Interview Ventura Cnty Chicken Show: Westminster Dog Show for Exotic Chickens 8 MIN, 6 SEC

Independent producer Gideon Brower reports from the Seaside Feather Fanciers Spring Fling in Ventura. The last chicken show of the season, the Ventura event is one of many shows that judge exotic chickens. Check out photos of the competing poultry on the Good Food blog.




This segment was made possible by KCRW'S Independent Producer Project with special thanks to Eric Drachman.

Songs: "Chicken Strut" by The Meters and "Baby, Scratch My Back" by Slim Harpo

Guest Interview Sangrita: How to Drink Tequila like a Mexico City Native 7 MIN, 2 SEC

Jimmy Shaw is the chef and owner of the Loteria Grill restaurants in Los Angeles. He says in Mexico City, men don't drink Margaritas; instead they sip tequila with sangrita, a concoction of orange juice, chiles and often times tomato juice.

Guest Interview Agave: A Botanist's Perspective on Tequila, Mezcal and Pulque 7 MIN, 35 SEC

gf130504drunken_botanist.jpgIn The Drunken Botanist, author Amy Stewart explores the plants that make the worlds best drinks. This week, Stewart describes the agave plant, a cousin to asparagus, and the plant that gave us tequila, mezcal and pulque.

The Drunken Botanist

Amy Stewart

Guest Interview Michael Pollan Talks about His New Book, 'Cooked' 9 MIN, 21 SEC

gf130504cooked.jpg Michael Pollan's latest book is Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation. Hear part two of his conversation with Evan next week on Good Food.


Michael Pollan

Guest Interview Greek Easter 7 MIN, 29 SEC

gf130504greece.jpg Diane Kochalis has spent a lifetime sharing her expertise on Greek cooking. She is a cookbook author, cooking instructor, restaurant critic; plus, she makes frequent appearances on television. Her latest book is The Country Cooking of Greece.

Find a recipe for her Greek Easter Lamb Soup on the Good Food blog.

Guest Interview Sinaloan Food Meets Sushi at Sushinaloa 8 MIN, 42 SEC

Jonathan Gold discovers a unique mash up of Sinaloan food and sushi at Sushinaloa in Lynwood. The menu features rolls like agua chile on top of sushi rice or carne asada sushi rolls. He compares the "Gohan" roll to chili fries - so wrong, but somehow so delicious.

10350 Long Beach Blvd
Lynwood, CA 90262

All of Jonathan Gold's restaurant suggestions are on the Good Food restaurant map.

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