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Is there a future in food writing? Amanda Hesser says yes, but don't expect to earn a living wage. Russ Parsons and Jim Rainey weigh in on the end of the LA Times Food section. Eugenia Bone recalls the characters she met while foraging for morels and we follow three LA chefs - Shannon Swindle, John Keenan and Holden Burkons - into the foothills of Topanga Canyon as they forage for wild fennel. Jonathan Gold phones in from Kansas City to discuss the merits of true Kansas City BBQ and Peggy Noe Stevens offers etiquette for drinking at the Kentucky Derby.

One Good Dish

David Tanis

Guest Interview Market Report 6 MIN, 3 SEC

Brian Dunsmoor, along with Kris Tominaga, are the co-owners and chefs at Wolf in Sheep's Clothing, a semi-permanent pop-up on Abbot Kinney in Venice, California. Dunsmoor was inspired by the fava beans, English peas and pea tendrils at McGrath Family Farms to create his Warm Salad of Santa Barbara Squid and Spring Vegetables with Saletta and American Bottarga.

Arturo Reyes works for McGrath Family Farm. He suggests buying young tender fava beans because you don't have to shell the skin around the beans after you blanch them. McGrath will have fava beans until June.

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Guest Interview The Calvin Trillin Trail 7 MIN

gf120428amer_fried.jpgJonathan Gold is in Kansas City this week exploring the local BBQ scene that writer Calvin Trillin immortalized in his book American Fried. Highlights of Gold's trip included Arthur Bryant's BBQ, Oklahoma Joes BBQ and Gates BBQ.

American Fried V172

Calvin Trillin

Guest Interview The Magic of Morels 9 MIN, 58 SEC

gf120428mycophilia.jpgEugenia Bone is the author of Mycophilia: Revelations from the Weird World of Mushrooms. She is also the co-president of the New York Mycological Society where she first fell under the spell of mushrooms.

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Eugenia Bone

Guest Interview Foraging for Wild Fennel in LA 8 MIN, 46 SEC

Three chefs from Craft Restaurant - pastry chef Shannon Swindle, chef de cuisine John Keenan and pastry sous chef Holden Burkons - took Good Food producer Gillian Ferguson foraging for wild fennel in Topanga Canyon. Wild fennel is rampant in many parts of Los Angeles and is an invasive species that environmentalists would like to eradicate.

The chefs also discovered nasturtium flowers, leaves and capers - all of which are edible - as well as flowering mustard and Himalayan Blackberries in the hills of Topanga. Photos of the adventure, as well as a recipe for Chef Swindle's Wild Fennel Ice Cream are on the Good Food Blog.




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Music: "Kids with Guns" by Gorillaz continues

Guest Interview Why the LA Times Lost Its Food Section 8 MIN, 51 SEC

Russ Parsons, food editor at the Los Angeles Times and Jim Rainey, media columnist at the Times discuss the paper's decision to end the 'Food' section in favor of a combined lifestyle section called 'Saturday.' Parsons recalls that when he first joined the paper in 1989, the 'Food' section was 70 pages long because of supermarket advertisements.

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Guest Interview Advice for Future Food Writers 5 MIN, 25 SEC

Amanda Hesser is the co-founder (along with Merrill Stubbs) of Food 52 and she is a former food writer for the New York Times. She recently penned an article on the site titled 'Advice for Future Food Writers' which set the food world astir. She says while there is a future in food writing, don't expect it to be a singular career path.

Guest Interview What to Drink at the Kentucky Derby 11 MIN, 12 SEC

Peggy Noe Stevens is a Master Bourbon Taster and the founder of Bourbon Women. The Kentucky Derby is May 4-5 this year and she suggests a special way of making Mint Juleps to celebrate the Derby. Find her Mint Julep recipe on the Good Food Blog.

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