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This week we focus on Scandinavia. Christine Runøe Jensen finds out what the locals in Copenhagen think of the restaurant Noma and Jonathan Gold flies to Japan for chef Rene Redzepi’s Tokyo pop up. Plus, an Icelandic chef is reimagining his native cuisine and a photographer embeds herself with reindeer herders in the Arctic Circle.

Photo: © Céline Clanet, from the "Máze" series

What Do People in Copenhagen Think of Noma? 8 MIN, 12 SEC

Christine Runøe Jensen is a Danish radio producer. Having never been to Noma - the Copenhagen restaurant that has been voted best in the world four times - she set out to find out what the hype was all about. She talks to students who saved for a month to eat dinner there and a local critic who has been there three times. Plus, she interviews Danish chef and restaurateur Claus Meyer, who helped craft the New Nordic manifesto that spawned Noma.

Jonathan Gold Reviews Noma Japan 9 MIN, 27 SEC

Noma Japan is a five week pop up during which chef Rene Redzepi moved his entire restaurant - the decor, the chefs, the servers, even the dishwasher - to the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Tokyo. Fifty eight thousand people tried to get a reservation. But guess who scored a table? Jonathan Gold, the Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer for the LA Times shares his impressions from Noma Japan.

Relae's Christian Puglisi Discusses Service and Authenticity 9 MIN, 4 SEC

Christian Puglisi is the chef owner of Relae, Manfreds and Bæst in Copenhagen. His book is Ralae: A Book of Ideas.


Christian F. Puglisi

Ari Taymor Talks about His Journey to Alma 8 MIN, 34 SEC

Ari Taymor is the chef owner of Alma restaurant in Downtown LA. 

Reindeer Herding in the Arctic Circle 5 MIN, 49 SEC

French photographer, Céline Clanet, originally traveled to Northern Norway as a tourist and has returned in subsequent years to document the area and its people. Her images can be found in her book of photographs named after their small village, Máze.

Redefining Icelandic Cuisine with Gunnar Karl Gislason 8 MIN, 20 SEC

Gunnar Karl Gislason is the chef owner at Dill in Reykjavik. His new book is North: The New Northern Cuisine of Iceland


Gunnar Karl Gíslason

Market Report 5 MIN, 50 SEC

Laura Avery talks to Nick Brown who along with his sister Christine sells cherimoyas at the Wednesday Santa Monica and Sunday Mar Vista Farmers' Markets. Their farm is called Rincon del Mar Ranch.

Josiah Citrin uses cherimoyas in a dessert course at his restaurant, Melisse.

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