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Eating more Omega-3s 14 MIN, 29 SEC

Omega-3s are fatty acids that can be found in anchovies, walnuts, chia, sardines, and more. And we’ve been told they are supposed to make your heart and brain stronger. A multimillion dollar supplement industry has been built around making sure humans get their share of Omega-3s. But Paul Greenberg spent a year eating a fish-focused diet for his new book and found not only is this better for eaters, it’s better for the planet.

The Omega Principle

Paul Greenberg

'Downtime' with the Redzepis 10 MIN, 17 SEC

“What do you cook for one of the best chefs in the world?” Nadine Levy Redzepi is all too familiar with this question. Her husband, Rene Redzepi, is the chef de cuisine at Noma in Copenhagen. But when he’s not running the two-Michelin star restaurant, he’s sharing meals made by Nadine at home with their children. Her new book “Downtime,” shares the simple meals the family enjoys at home.

'How to Eat a Peach' 9 MIN, 48 SEC

Diana Henry life inspires her menus when she entertains. Credit: Octopus Books

Sometimes it’s easy to look at a menu as a list of individual dishes. But more often than not, a menu is a labor of love. In “How To Eat a Peach,” James Beard award-winning author Diana Henry takes readers through her favorite seasonal menus and offers some tips on creating cohesive menus.

How to Eat a Peach

Diana Henry

Pan Dulce in Los Angeles 8 MIN, 34 SEC

Pan dulce came on the scene when the Spanish brought wheat, flour
and sugar to Mesoamerica, according to Chicano studies professor
Maria Herrera-Sobek. Credit: La Monarca/Natalie Woyshner.

Pan dulce, or sweet bread, has for decades been a staple of working-class Latino communities in Los Angeles. The breads can evoke a strong sense of nostalgia for both recent immigrants and those who were born and raised here. Contributor Audrey Ngo recalls her own family's memories while sampling some of LA’s best panaderias.

Market Report: Zucchini and ice cream 7 MIN, 53 SEC

Laura Avery learns from Tyler Malek, co-founder and head ice cream maker at Salt & Straw about their trademark seasonal flavors unique to each city. Currently on offer at their five LA locations is a zucchini bread ice cream. Continuing the theme, Laura talks to farmer Alex Weiser of Weiser Family Farms in Tehachapi about growing zucchini.

Jonathan Gold on the L.A. riots 4 MIN, 50 SEC

“City of Gold” documentarian Laura Gabbert joins Evan to discuss her favorite piece of Jonathan Gold’s writing: his meditation on the Los Angeles riots in 1992, titled “A Neighborhood Just West of Downtown.”

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