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Photo by Judah Gross

'King Solomon's Table' 13 MIN, 25 SEC

Passover starts on Monday evening and is observed for seven days. We reached Joan Nathan, an insatiably curious researcher of Jewish food cultures, to talk about the significance of this holiday and the traditions and symbolism behind the seder meal. Her latest culinary exploration of Jewish cooking is the newly published “King Solomon’s Table.” Find Nathan's recipe for Libyan aharaimi on the Good Food blog.

Kosher wine 101 7 MIN, 7 SEC

Manischewitz ruled the kosher wine game for years. Choking down the requisite four ceremonial glasses of it before the seder meal was more often than not a chore that left behind a hard hangover of regret the next day. Thankfully those days are gone, says Lou Amdur, owner of Lou Wine Shop and Tastings in Los Feliz.

The quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie 12 MIN, 12 SEC

Not too chewy, not too crispy with a nice dough-to-chocolate bite and the right amount of butter and sugar. The search for the perfect chocolate chip cookie has sent enthusiasts on many a quest in pursuit of the elusive golden ratio. Our contributor Gideon Brower accompanied an unlikely critic on one such mission to hunt down his version of LA’s best chocolate chip cookie. This piece comes to us thanks to KCRW’s Independent Producer Project.

Got a chocolate chip cookie recommendation for us? We want to know. Post a photo on Instagram or Facebook and tag us. Our handle is KCRWGoodFood.

The Market Report: celtuce and mustard 7 MIN, 28 SEC

Nope, that’s not “lettuce” misspelled. If you’ve never had celtuce before, you’re not alone. Chef Zak Walters of Salt’s Cure in West Hollywood tells Laura Avery how he and his partner Chris Phelps first discovered the space age-looking stem lettuce during a trip to Coleman Family Farms in Carpinteria. Walters uses the long romaine-flavored stalks to make a chilled purée that he serves with marinated octopus, blood orange crisps and pungent mustard frills from Windrose Farms. Barbara Spencer describes the many different varieties of mustard greens that she and her husband grow at their farm up in Paso Robles. Find a recipe for Walter’s Marinated octopus with celtuce purée, blood oranges and olives on the Good Food blog.

'The Fish Market' 9 MIN, 52 SEC

“Trust the Gorton’s fisherman,” or so the slogan goes. But truth be told, if you were to eat a McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwich in Alaska, the fish inside the breading will have crossed the continental United States twice on its journey to Gloucester, Massachusetts, to be sliced and batter-coated in breadcrumbs before returning west to the Golden Arches. Journalist Lee van der Voo dives into the commercial fishing industry in her new book, “The Fish Market.” In it, she exposes the monopolies, privatization and exclusionary practices that are just as rampant on the oceans as they are in America’s agricultural industry.

The Fish Market

Lee van der Voo

Jonathan Gold dines at 71Above 4 MIN, 47 SEC

Looking for a cool spot with a sweeping 360-degree view of Los Angeles where you can sip fancy cocktails and slurp poached oysters topped with uni and caviar? Take a trip to 71Above, the sky lounge and restaurant situated high above Downtown’s tallest building. LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold says it’s perfect for those occasions when you’re looking to impress. Read his full review of 71Above on the LA Times website.

71Above (Photo by Wonho Frank Lee)

71Above: 633 West Fifth Street, 71st floor, Los Angeles, CA 90071 | (213) 712-2683

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