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Helena Echlin dishes up advice on keeping mum about hiding food ingredients, while producer Thea Chaloner and Eddie Lin sample cat poo coffee. Fisherman Mike Hudson talks about the salmon fisheries closure’s impact this season, writer Julie Makinen feasts on a 99-cent items dinner and George Crave converts cow waste into energy. Plus, Dr. Wenyuan Shi invents cavity-fighting lollipops, Dan Imhoff has an update on the Farm Bill and Laura Avery finds what’s in season in the Market Report.

Guest Interview The Market Report 8 MIN, 41 SEC


Globe artichokes are in season now and Laura Avery chats with chef DJ Olsen, of Lou Wine Bar on Melrose and Vine in Hollywood, about them. He strips off all the leaves and choke to get to the delicious heart at the top of the stem.  The heart travels through the stem of the artichoke.  Some farmers bring the stem attached, which can be up to a foot long.  Once trimmed, cut the heart into thin slices.  Rub slices with lemon to keep it from browning. Top with shaved Parmesan cheese and good quality olive oil.  Salt and pepper to taste.



Small artichokes are in season too.  They have no chokes and are great to cook with.  Peel off outer-most leaves to get to the light green leaves. Quarter the artichokes.  Braise in skillet with olive oil, covered.  Cook until soft when pierced with a fork.  Top with Madeira or other sweet wine. 


Farmer Doa Her comes down from Fresno with three different kinds of basil - lemon basil, Italian basil and Thai basil.  Doa's family stuffs fish with Thai basil for a delicious result.  They also bring amaranth -- a spinach-like leaf that has splashes of purple throughout.


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Guest Interview Hiding Food Etiquette 6 MIN, 56 SEC



Chow magazine Table Manners columnist Helena Echlin shares advice on keeping mum about hiding food ingredients from guests. She talks about eating fudge and then learning that the secret ingredient was Velveeta cheese.

If you've got an opinion on this, go to our new Good Food blog and post your opinion or maybe a confession.

Velveeta Cheese Fudge

  • 3 sticks butter or margarine
  • 1 lb Velveeta cheese
  • 4 lbs powdered sugar
  • 1 cup dry cocoa
  • 1 Tablespoon vanilla
  • 2 cups chopped walnuts

In a sauce pan, melt cheese and butter together. In a large bowl, stir together sugar and cocoa, add melted cheese and butter mixture. Add vanilla and nuts. Mix well. Spread evenly in two 9×13 inch pans. Cool and cut into pieces. Makes about 6 pounds of fudge.

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Guest Interview Cat Poo Coffee 6 MIN, 18 SEC



Good Food producer Thea Chaloner and Deep End Dining's Eddie Lin take a trip for cat poo coffee, also known as kopi luwak, at Funnel Mill Rare Coffee and Tea in Santa Monica. One of the rarest and most expensive coffees in the market, the kopi luwak is made from coffee beans that have been eaten and excreted by a civet, a cat-like animal in Indonesia.

Funnel Mill Rare Coffee and Tea
930 Broadway, Suite A
Santa Monica, CA 90401







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Guest Interview The Closure of Salmon Fisheries 8 MIN, 10 SEC


Fisherman Mike Hudson discusses the closure of the salmon fisheries this season, the decline of the salmon population and its impact. Hudson is the president of the newly formed SalmonAid Foundation, which aims to publicize the plight of the West Coast salmon populations.

1st Annual SalmonAid Festival
May 31 - June 1
Jack London Square
1 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94607

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Guest Interview 99-Cent Items Dinner 8 MIN, 7 SEC


Los Angeles Times writer Julie Makinen feasts on a tasty 99-cent items dinner. She talks about finding organic, name-brand and healthful food items at The 99 Cent Store. She recently wrote an article about this topic.

If you find treasures on the cheap, let us know on the Good Food blog.

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Guest Interview Cow-Pie Energy 6 MIN, 41 SEC


The Crave Brothers Dairy Farm's George Crave converts cow waste to energy by using the anaerobic digester. Located in Waterloo, Wisconsin, the farm collects cow manure and stores it in a huge tank for about two weeks, where it ferments and releases methane, which is then converted into energy. The farm expanded their enterprise into Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese.

To learn more about the Crave's system of creating energy from waste, read about Wisconsin Farm Technology Days and the Cheese by Hand blog.


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Guest Interview Dental Lollipops 7 MIN, 32 SEC


UCLA microbiologist Dr. Wenyuan Shi invents cavity-fighting lollipops, which contain a natural ingredient found in licorice that kills a tooth-decaying bacteria. The dental lollipops are being sold as Dr. John's Herbal Lollipops.

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Guest Interview Farm Bill Update 5 MIN, 32 SEC



Dan Imhoff provides an update on the Farm Bill and the growing food crisis. He is the author of Food Fight: The Citizen's Guide to a Food and Farm Bill. Imhoff wrote a recent LA Times op-ed about the world food crisis.

Food Fight

Daniel Imhoff

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