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Chef Michael Moran cooks royal meals for the King and Queen of Jordan, while biologist David Holway talks about invasive Argentine ants’ eating habits. Chris McDougall shares the dietary secret to Mexico's Tarahumara Indians longevity and athletic prowess, Jonathan Gold visits a restaurant for the dude set and James Molesworth celebrates acclaimed wine maker Didier Dagueneau’s legacy. Plus, Rowan Jacobsen discusses the decline of pollinators and the coming global agricultural crisis, Dr. Carl Winter spreads the word about food safety through music and Laura Avery has a fresh Market Report.

Flatbreads & Flavors

Jeffrey Alford

Guest Interview The Market Report 7 MIN, 41 SEC


Laura Avery of the Santa Monica Farmers' Market highlights two grape varieties in season now that shouldn't be overlooked. The large is a round purple seeded grape that tastes just like a Concord, but with a bit more crunch. The rare Muscat of Alexandria, the table grape of Europe, is an amber-colored, seeded grape that has a rich and complex flavor. Both grapes are very different than the one-dimensional sweet varieties like Red Flame and Thompson. You can find these varieties at Harry Nicholas' stand at the Wednesday Santa Monica, Saturday Santa Monica market at Pico Blvd and Cloverfield, and the Sunday Beverly Hills market.


Muscat of Alexandria  

Kyoto grapes


Persimmon season is a great time to experience the two types of persimmon. The round fuyu can be eaten hard; the elongated, pointy hachiya is best when eaten rather soft. Persimmon season is a busy time for Jeff Reiger of Penryn Orchards Specialties, who brings several varieties of persimmons to the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers' Market.  Currently, the Tsurunoko or "chocolate persimmon" is in season. The name comes from its brown flesh color.  You can order labor-intensive, ultra sweet whole dried persimmons (or "hochigaki") directly from Jeff. Just go to his website.

Tsurunoko persimmons

Chocolaty inside of the Tsurunoko

Music break: Bird Priest by Ratatat

Guest Interview Cooking Royal Meals 7 MIN, 9 SEC


Chef Michael Moran recounts his three years of creating royal meals for King Hussein and American-born Queen Noor of Jordan and their prestigious guests. Moran is currently an instructor in food management at Florida International University.

Music break: Black Heroes by Ratatat

Guest Interview Argentine Ants 7 MIN, 48 SEC


Argentine ants, which form super colonies that spread across vast areas, are native to South America. Lately they have invaded Southland kitchens everywhere. David Holway, Associate Professor of Biology at the University of California at San Diego, educates us on the eating habits and communication among these invasive dark ants, their eating habits and communication. To learn more, Holway suggests visiting this Argentine ant control website from UC Irvine.

Music break: Blow Up by James Taylor Quartet

Guest Interview Tarahumara Nutrition 7 MIN, 31 SEC


Writer Christopher McDougall shares the dietary secret to Tarahumara longevity and athletic prowess. These Mexican Indians are known for running over 100 miles at a time. Among their dietary staples are pinole, ground corn and water, and tesguino, corn-based beer. McDougall is author of Born to Run: A Hidden Tribe of Super Athletes, the Rise of Ultrarunning, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen, about a race between the Tarahumara and a rag-tag band of American ultrarunners. The book is due in April, 2009.

Music break: Blue Beat by Claude Bolling

Born to Run

Christopher McDougall

Guest Interview Animal 7 MIN, 21 SEC

Bacon chocolate crunch bar

Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic and LA Weekly columnist Jonathan Gold feasts on the manly food at Animal, located in Fairfax's "dude" district. He recommends the fried hominy, raw amberjack with peach and mint, foie gras with biscuit and gravy, turbot with shell beans and tomato, quail fry and the bacon-chocolate crunch bar (seen above) for dessert.

435 N Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Music break: Blue Moon by The Checkmates

Guest Interview Didier Dagueneau's Legacy 5 MIN, 39 SEC


Wine Spectator's senior editor James Molesworth remember 52-year old Didier Dagueneau. The acclaimed French wine maker died September 17 in a light plane accident while flying over his vineyards in the Loire's Pouilly-Fumé. You can read more about Didier in the Wine Spectator, New York Times' Pour blog, Jancis Robinson's blog and from wine importer Joe Dressner.

Music break: Blue Saturday by Checkers

Guest Interview The Impending Agricultural Crisis 7 MIN, 7 SEC

Fruitless Fall

Writer Rowan Jacobsen discusses the decline of pollinating bees, bats and insects, pesticides and its effect on the global agriculture in Fruitless Fall: The Collapse of the Honeybee and the Coming Agricultural Crisis.

Music break: Brand X by Devrons

Fruitless Fall

Rowan Jacobsen

Guest Interview Food Safety Songs 7 MIN, 14 SEC

Food Safety Music

Toxicologist Dr. Carl Winter, who directs the UC Davis Food Safety program, uses music to educate people about food-borne illnesses and food safety. To hear or watch Dr. Winter's songs, go to his Food Safety Music website, where you can purchase his CD or DVD.

Music break: Don't Get Sicky Wit It by Dr. Carl Winter

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