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Photo by Marisa Chioini

'The Art of Flavor' 16 MIN, 34 SEC

Daniel Patterson, the chef behind Coi in San Francisco, worked with Roy Choi to open Locol in Watts and Oakland. Now Patterson’s teamed up with perfumer Mandy Aftel on a new book, “The Art of Flavor.”

The Art of Flavor

Daniel Patterson

Walking away 9 MIN, 54 SEC

Last month, we devoted an entire hour to the challenges of keeping a restaurant open and thriving in Los Angeles. Ari Taymor, the wunderkind behind Alma restaurant, recently wrote a piece that took a long, hard look at the industry’s impact on chefs. Taymor clues us into why he gracefully turned down an opportunity many chefs would kill for.

Jonathan Gold reviews Hip Hot 4 MIN, 53 SEC

This week, LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold dines at Hip Hot, Tiantian Qiu’s Sichuan seafood restaurant in Monterey Park. Find out the dishes Jonathan recommends and read his LA Times review.

Spicy Crab with Watermelon Juice at Hip Hot (Photo by Monika Scott)

Hip Hot: 500 North Atlantic Boulevard, No. 149, Monterey Park, CA 91754 | (626) 758-7711

Bringing native foods back to the table 12 MIN, 8 SEC

We talked to Sean Sherman last fall about his efforts to bring back the indigenous cuisine of the Dakota and Minnesota territories. The Sioux Chef shares an update on plans for a future brick-and-mortar restaurant and his cookbook in the works, “The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen.”

The Big Cheese 8 MIN, 54 SEC

Next we travel to Colorado to talk cheese. Americans eat roughly 37 pounds of it every year. The American Cheese Society, which represents cheese and butter makers, retailers and distributors in the U.S., recently held its annual meeting in Denver. Our roving reporter, Simran Sethi, was there and filed this field report from the conference for the Good Food blog. Simran hosts the chocolate podcast The Slow Melt, which just won a Saveur blog award nomination in the Best Food Podcast category.

Gustavo Arellano eats goat testicles at Luc Dinh Ky 2 MIN, 59 SEC

We close out the show with a restaurant recommendation from Gustavo Arellano, editor of the OC Weekly and host of KCRW’s Orange County Line. He makes a pitch for the goat testicle soup at Luc Dinh Ky in Little Saigon.

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