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Photo by Rick Poon

'On Vegetables' 7 MIN, 38 SEC

In 2007, Jeremy Fox blew onto the restaurant scene at Ubuntu in Napa, dazzling critics and eaters with gorgeous displays of vegetarian cuisine like no one ever tasted. In 2013, he joined the Rustic Canyon team in Santa Monica, where he continues to craft seasonal menus based on local ingredients that have won over Angelenos. In his new cookbook. "On Vegetables," Fox explains ways to purpose every part of your vegetables to create surprising, straightforward food. Find a recipe for his signature dish of peas, white chocolate and macadamia nuts on the Good Food blog.

On Vegetables

Jeremy Fox

'Salad for President' 14 MIN, 7 SEC

Julia Sherman says good art should make the everyday seem at once familiar and strange. For the past five years, she’s endeavored to do just that by striking up personal encounters with artists, architects, musicians and writers that inevitably end in salad-making productions. Sherman has been documenting these happenings on her blog and in a new book called, “Salad for President.”

Salad for President

Julia Sherman

'In My Kitchen' 9 MIN, 48 SEC

In the 1980s, Deborah Madison’s restaurant, Greens, changed the way many cooks and eaters thought about vegetable cookery. Her latest book, “In My Kitchen,” offers up more recipes for meatless dishes, like collards braised in coconut milk, Japanese sweet potato soup and tips for how to perfect your cheese soufflé.

In My Kitchen

Deborah Madison

The Market Report: Spring veggies 7 MIN, 46 SEC

This week at the Santa Monica Farmers Market, Evan Funke shops for fava beans, English peas and artichokes for his new restaurant, Felix, which opened its doors just last month on Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice. Then Luis Jaime fills Laura Avery in on how to grow edible blossoms from onions, bok choy radish, black kale and arugula at JF Organic Farms.

What do we want? A 'Good Food' tote bag! 9 MIN, 14 SEC

After returning home from a trip to Japan, Stacy Michelson noticed she was doodling a lot of food caricatures with big personalities: coffee cups with grumpy faces, smiling stacks of pancakes and high-fivin’ burgers and pizzas. She’s since built a business designing foodie pins, t-shirts, totes and more featuring these quirky characters. Michelson caught our attention this year when she began illustrating each of our “Good Food” episodes. We were so taken we commissioned her to create a “Good Food” tote bag. Michelson talks about designing the tote and shares a shortlist of her favorite vegan restaurants in LA.

Jonathan Gold dines at Manuela 8 MIN, 2 SEC

You know it must be spring when LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold sings the praises of vegetarian food. At Manuela in the Arts District, buttered turnips, deviled eggs and hush puppies with molasses butter top his list. For those craving meat, Jonathan says you can’t go wrong with chef Wes Whitsell’s pork belly sliders or charred deer burger. Don’t forget The Redneck Platter, which includes country ham, pimento cheese, chow-chow and biscuits. Tune in to hear what else is on this critic’s plate or read his full review of Manuela on the LA Times website.

The Redneck Platter. (Photo courtesy of Manuela)

Manuela: 907 East Third Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013 | (323) 849-0480

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