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Abigail Carroll talks about the history of the square meal in the US, Mark Bittman breaks down beet salad, and Community Seafood discusses its Santa Barbara fishery. 

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One Good Dish

David Tanis

Scott Conant's Lauded Spaghetti Recipe 9 MIN, 5 SEC

gf140125scarpetta.jpg Scott Conant is a judge on Chopped on the Food Network and helms five branches of his restaurant Scarpetta nationwide. Late last year he released The Scarpetta Cookbook which includes a recipe for his spaghetti al pomodoro. A recipe for this spaghetti is on the Good Food blog.

The Scarpetta Cookbook

Scott Conant

Jonathan Gold Reviews Din Tai Fung 6 MIN, 33 SEC

Jonathan Gold, the Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer for the Los Angeles Times, talks about the new outpost of Din Tai Fung at the Americana at Brand in Glendale. Jonathan recommends the xiao long bao (xlb), sauteed string beans with garlic, pickled cucumbers, fish dumplings, stir fried rice cakes and truffle xlb.

Din Tai Fung
177 Caruso Ave
Glendale, CA, 91210

All of Jonathan Gold's restaurant suggestions are on the Good Food restaurant map.

The History of the Square Meal 7 MIN, 13 SEC

gf140125three_squares.jpgAbigail Carroll is a food historian and the author of Three Squares: The Invention of the American Meal. The square meal consisting of a meat, a vegetable and a protein seems to be disappearing with snacking and small plates on the rise.

Three Squares

Abigail Carroll

Mark Bittman Breaks Down a Beet Salad 5 MIN, 39 SEC

Mark Bittman is a New York Times columnist and cookbook author. He recently wrote a column called "Do Not Fear a Beet without Goat Cheese." He breaks down the preparation of a raw beet salad. His recipe for Beet Rosti can be found on the Good Food blog.

Michael Cimarusti on the Bycatch Problem 7 MIN, 50 SEC

Chef Michael Cimarusti is the chef and owner of Providence and Connie & Ted's. He's also a passionate advocate for sustainable seafood. He discusses why bycatch is such an issue in the seafood industry. 

Market Report 7 MIN, 20 SEC

Laura Avery interviews Sarah Rathbone of Community Seafood, a community supported fishery in Santa Barbara that has a pick-up location at the Wednesday and Sunday Santa Monica Farmers' Markets. 

Cooking for One or Two 6 MIN, 37 SEC

gf140125vegetables.jpgJoe Yonan is the food and travel editor at the Washington Post. His new book, Eat Your Vegetables: Bold Recipes for the Single Cook, addresses a common issue in cookbooks: recipes oftentimes are tailored for four to six servings, when many people want to cook for just one or two. 

Little Arabia's New Restaurant Gem in Anaheim 4 MIN, 36 SEC

Gustavo Arellano is the editor of the OC Weekly and a regular commentator on KCRW. He talks about Aleppo's Kitchen, a new Middle Eastern Restaurant in Anaheim's Little Arabia that he says is one of the most exciting restaurants to open in Orange County in a long time.

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