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Photo: Bobby Fisher

The nut report 8 MIN, 21 SEC

Laura Avery's all about nuts at the Santa Monica Farmers Market this week. Jim Russell has a grove of 200 macadamia trees on six acres in Fallbrook, California. We learn how a severe heat wave in June hurt his crop and the backstory to how macadamia nuts ended up in Hawaii. Then, Ken Kennedy explains how water affects the flavors of his English and black walnuts in Reedley. Believe it or not, it's the crows and blue jays that help signal when the nuts are ripe and ready to be picked!

Music: "Tighten Up" (Instrumental) by The Black Keys

The Red Rooster 13 MIN, 7 SEC

Chef Marcus Samuelsson has a new book out, The Red Rooster Cookbook, named for the restaurant he opened six years ago in Harlem. Samuelsson discusses his efforts to build The Red Rooster into the community, his favorite items on the menu, and the woman who inspired his supper club. Find his fried yardbird royale recipe on our Good Food blog.

Music: "Rocksteady" by Aretha Franklin and "Spanish Harlem" by Aretha Franklin

The Red Rooster Cookbook

Marcus Samuelsson

Death by chocolate milkshake 6 MIN, 7 SEC

Fidel Castro's ashes were laid to rest in Cuba last Sunday. The bearded revolutionary often seen with a cigar in his hand had a particular fixation: ice cream. Darien Cavanaugh, a writer based in South Carolina, fills us in on Castro's "bizarre obsession with milk."

Music: "Fol Chen (Instrumental)" by The Holograms and "Thee Oh So Protective One" (Instrumental) by Girls

Remembering Fidel the Foodie 12 MIN, 50 SEC

In 1975, Gabriel García Márquez met Fidel Castro, and the encounter was the beginning of a long friendship. Márquez's son, Rodrigo García, recalls Castro eating some of his favorite foods, like chocolate and vanilla ice cream, and salted cod with leeks and potatoes. "There was always, with food, a combination of him being a foodie, but also him wanting to discover these super-foods that would make Cubans 'super-Cubans.'"

Music: "Quizas Quizas Quizas"

How I fell for convenience store food in Japan 8 MIN, 59 SEC

More than ever, on-the-go eaters in Japan are stopping by convenience stores for breakfast, lunch and dinner. On a recent trip to Tokyo, our supervising producer Abbie Fentress Swanson took a food crawl to convenience stores all over the city. She shares some of the tastiest fare she found on the shelves, from cream puffs and grilled salmon onigiri to fried pork cutlet and egg salad sandwiches. Watch our video to see the smorgasbord of food she sampled.

Music: "Pizza Hut and Taco Bell"

Jonathan Gold dines (mostly) on vegetables at P.Y.T. in DTLA 7 MIN, 12 SEC

Chef Josef Centeno recently converted half his restaurant, Ledlow, into a new vegetable-centric eatery called P.Y.T. LA Times food critic Jonathan Gold tried the fare at Centeno's new joint six times before delivering his recommendations, which include a [pretty young] turnip baked in a salt-dough crust and a trio of koji-corn butter, coconut butter and hummus chapati. Yum. Read his review of P.Y.T.

Photo by Dylan + Jeni

P.Y.T.: 400 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013 | 213-687-7015

Music: "Hobo Strut" and "PYT" by Michael Jackson

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