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The market report: Sprouting broccoli 7 MIN, 17 SEC

Nothing gets chef Joel Miller more excited than when the purple stalks of sprouting broccoli begin to appear at the Santa Monica Farmers' Market. Unlike the typical green crowns you find year-round, these cold temperature brassicas are only available through early spring and are in season now. At The Wallace in Culver City, Miller serves his “meta-broccoli” steamed and char-grilled with oyster-ginger sauce, pickled ginger, fresno chiles and cucumbers. Order up! Miller likes to buy heirloom brassicas from Weiser Family Farms, where Alex Weiser plants his sprouting broccoli every fall. He harvests the smaller, center heads to allow the side shoots to flourish following a period of vernalization. The short days and cold Tehachapi winters concentrate the flavors of Weiser's hearty winter vegetables, turning their tips lovely shades of vibrant purple.

Music: "Going Home" and "Broccoli" by Big Baby D.R.A.M. featuring Lil Yachty (Instrumental)

10 Mexican dishes hipster chefs need to get over 12 MIN, 52 SEC

Gustavo Arellano is taking on 2017 with a bang. The OC Weekly editor and host of KCRW's Orange County Line is tired of seeing certain chefs' takes on tacos, elotes, micheladas and churros on restaurant menus around town. Read his diatribe, “10 Mexican dishes hipster chefs need to get over,” to learn what's gotten Arellano all fired up. Warning: His piece might make you think twice before reaching for the next top shelf mezcal or slice of narco-grown avocado toast.

Music: "Flor de Huevo" by Los Lobos

Dishing up dialogue at Conflict Kitchen 6 MIN, 1 SEC

What we eat isn't just a reflection of our personal preferences but also of our culture, history and identity. That was one of the takeaways for food writer Simran Sethi after paying a visit to Pittsburgh to learn how food is being used as a starting point for these discussions. By serving a rotating menu of conversation and cuisine from nations at odds with the United States — including indigenous nations like the Haudenosaunee — Conflict Kitchen is "helping people expand their palates and transform stories about conflict." Learn more about the fraught history of fry bread and how Conflict Kitchen forges “awareness and connections one meal at a time” on the Good Food blog.

Music: "Fire and Brimstone" by Trombone Shorty

Food as protest 10 MIN, 21 SEC

Tunde Wey is a Nigerian chef with a rather unusual traveling dinner series Blackness in America. The food Wey serves is the Nigerian fare he left behind after moving to the United States at age 16. But the jollof rice, quail and braised trotter stew he serves are secondary to the conversation at the table, where discomfort, in Evan's words, often attenuates appetite. She recently attended one of Wey's meals in Highland Park.

Music: "Coyoacan Theme" by Calexico

'The Rye Baker' 12 MIN, 4 SEC

Most Americans think of rye bread as a vehicle for mustard-slathered corned beef or pastrami from neighborhood Jewish delis. But with heirloom grains and artisanal loaves on the rise, rye bread is having its own renaissance in the United States. Rooted for centuries now in European carb culture, “each bread represents a terroir, in the sense that it encapsulates the economies, the agriculture, the lifestyle, the sensibilities and the social mores of each of its origins,” explains baker Stanley Ginsberg. Beginners might try Ginsberg's recipe for Swedish limpa from The Rye Baker: Classic Breads from Europe and America.” Find it on the Good Food blog.

Music: "Fragosiriani" by Marcos Vamvakaris and "Go Home"

The Rye Baker

Stanley Ginsberg

Jonathan Gold dines at Sun Nong Dan 5 MIN, 18 SEC

This week, our favorite food critic, Jonathan Gold, scopes out Sun Nong Dan after his daughter gets taken there on a date. David Chang, of Momofuku fame, put the 24-hour Koreatown joint on the map last year when he posted Sun Nong Dan's galbijjim on Instagram not once, but twice in one day. There's a reason why you'll see this spicy short rib stew on every table. It's excellent. If you don't trust us or Jonathan, just ask David Chang!

Read Jonathan's review of Sun Nong Dan on the LA Times website.

Sun Nong Dan Locations:
Koreatown: 3470 West Sixth Street, #7, Los Angeles, CA 90020 / 213-365-0303
San Gabriel Valley: 927 East Las Tunas Drive, Suite J, San Gabriel, CA 91776 / 626-286-1234
Rowland Heights: 18902-A East Gale Avenue, Rowland Heights, CA 91748 / 213-365-0303

Photo of galbijjim courtesy of Sun Nong Dan.

Music: "It's a Man's World" by Ray Charles and "Dos"

Remembering Bill Coleman 1 MIN, 34 SEC

Santa Monica Farmers' Market regulars will remember Bill Coleman, of Coleman Family Farms, and his long table always piled high with fresh herbs, unusual greens and exotic fruits. Our own Evan Kleiman recalls her first encounter with Coleman at the market 30 years ago, which led to a lifelong friendship full of seasonal bounty and visits to his farm.

Music: "Hometown"

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