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Photo of Miry Whitehill and Rabia Ahmmadi preparing for Miry’s List’s “New Arrivals Supper Club.” Photographs courtesy of Miry Whitehill.

Jacques Pepin learns some "Granddaughter's Lessons" 10 MIN, 39 SEC

Photo of Jacques Pepin and his granddaughter, Shorey. Photo by Tom Hopkins.

When people are lucky enough to live a long life, they have the gift of perspective. Jacques Pepin is not only living in an arc of change, but he spearheaded much of the transformation. Chef Pepin’s role continues to evolve as he teaches all of us not only about food, but how to live a life. His book with his granddaughter, Shorey, is called “A Grandfather’s Lessons.”

A Grandfather's Lessons

Jacques Pépin

Building community through charity 13 MIN, 5 SEC

Photo from Miry’s List’s “New Arrivals Supper Club” at Lemon Poppy Kitchen,
hosted by Miry Whitehill and Rabia Ahmadi. (Courtesy of Miry Whitehill)

More than any other US holiday, Thanksgiving celebrates our history as a nation of immigrants. And for those who have recently arrived to the States, it’s an occasion to remember their journey from one land to another. Miry’s List is an LA-based organization that welcomes families making such journeys. Founder Miry Whitehill and Rabia Ahmadi share on the scope of the organization’s impact.

Beef stew for the soul 3 MIN, 9 SEC

Photo of beef stew ingredients, sourced from a backyard. (Photo by Breda Burns)

Breda Burns is an artist from Westport, Ireland. Evan Kleiman recently met with her on a trip to Ireland, where she gave Evan some tips for a dish that’s both comforting and traditionally Irish. Find the full recipe on our blog.

Market Report: Rutabagas 5 MIN, 46 SEC

Laura Avery talks about the versatile root veggie with Nyesha Arrington, chef and owner of Native in Santa Monica and Eric Wright, farmer at Flora Bella Farm in Three Rivers.

The Mala Project 22 MIN, 50 SEC

Photo of Fongchong courtesy of the Southern Foodways Alliance

Imagine you’re a white family in Tennessee. You’ve just adopted an 11-year-old girl from China who’s never eaten anything but Chinese food. Not to mention she’s not interested in starting now. What do you do? Ask Nashville writer Taylor Holliday. She shared her story in this segment that first ran on the Gravy podcast.

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