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Photo: Toasted garlic butter croissant, sunny side eggs, Taylor ham and black bean salsa (Trois Familia)

Getting to the Heart of All-American Cheddar 9 MIN, 15 SEC

Gordon Edgar is the cheese buyer for Rainbow Grocery in San Francisco. His new book, Cheddar: A Journey to the Heart of America’s Most Iconic Cheese, takes a sharp look at our culture and food systems through the lens of the all-American cheddar.

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Gordon Edgar

Jonathan Gold Reviews Trois Familia 7 MIN, 16 SEC

Jonathan Gold is the Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer for the LA Times. This week, he visits Trois Familia, the third and latest restaurant by chef Ludo Lefebvre and partners Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo. This family-friendly Silver Lake brunch spot sits in the former Alegria location, serving fun, tasty riffs on classic standards like mornay-sauced nachos, churro French toast, croissan'wiches and more.

Trois Familia
3510 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Read Jonathan's LA Times review and find all of his restaurant recommendations on the Good Food blog.

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The Air We...Eat? 8 MIN, 34 SEC

Terroir, in wine jargon, is everything. But what about air...can it have a place-based atmospheric flavor? Nicola Twilley is author of the Edible Geography blog, co-host of the award-winning podcast Gastropod, and a contributing writer for The New Yorker. She believes that every location has its own aeroir.

Find out about Nicola's Smog Meringues on the Edible Geography blog.

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Mission Chinese Food: "Americanized Oriental Food" 12 MIN, 27 SEC

Danny Bowien, chef and co-founder of the popular Mission Chinese Food in San Francisco and New York City, has been praised for reinventing what he calls "Americanized Oriental Food." Co-authored with Lucky Peach editor-in-chief, Chris Ying, The Mission Chinese Cookbook is full of the riveting culinary self-expression that has given rise to Danny's career,

We've got a recipe for his Chongqing Chicken Wings on the Good Food blog.

Music: "Papa Was a Rolling Stone" by the Temptations

Lucky Peach's Deliciously Inauthentic Asian Food 8 MIN, 41 SEC

Lucky Peach Presents 101 Easy Asian Recipes is a celebration of gloriously inauthentic but craveable dishes for home cooks. Together with the magazine's other editors, co-founder Peter Meehan has culled their all-time favorite dishes for recipes that accommodate "easy eating on a real-life schedule and budget."

We have a recipe for Miso Claypot Chicken (No Claypot) on the Good Food blog.

Music: "Cheap and Cheerful" by The Kills

Market Report: Pomegranates 5 MIN, 59 SEC

Santa Monica Farmers' Market manager Laura Avery speaks with Laura Ramirez of JJ's Lone Daughter Ranch about her pomegranates, which should be available through January. And chef Bruce Kalman of Union in Pasadena and the soon-to-open Knead & Co. at Grand Central Market, shares his tricks for juicing pomegranates.

We have a recipe for Union's Pomegranate-Orange Italian Soda on the Good Food blog.

Music: "Wicked Dreams" by Pale Seas 

Voices of the Food Chain 4 MIN, 2 SEC

Voices of the Food Chain is a new storytelling project produced by StoryCorps, in partnership with Real Food Media and the Food Chain Workers Alliance, that brings to life an often overlooked sector of the culinary world — the personal stories of the men and women who work to keep our food system running.

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