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Could Detroit be the next hot bed of urban farming? Mike Score of Hantz Farms and Taja Sevelle of Urban Farming believe that the forty square miles of vacant lots, good soil and chronic unemployment in Detroit make it a perfect landscape for urban farming. Oakland farmers Novella Carpenter and Willow Rosenthal discuss how renters and apartment owners can acquire land for urban farming. It’s been a dry winter this year in California - Adan Ortega explains why Southern Californians should be concerned when the snow doesn’t fall in the Sierras. Wondering why your dishes aren’t as clean as they used to be? Brian Sansoni of the American Cleaning Institute talks about the 2010 ban on phosphates in dish washing detergent. Plus, Jonathan Gold takes us out for breakfast in Thai Town.

One Good Dish

David Tanis

Guest Interview Market Report 6 MIN, 25 SEC

DJ Olsen is the chef and owner of Lou Wine Bar in Hollywood. A recipe for his Shaved Brussels Sprouts with Hazelnuts and Prosciutto, as well as a bonus recipe for his delicious Citrus Tart, are on the Good Food Blog.

asparagus.jpgZuckerman's Farm is back at the markets with its delicious delta asparagus. The fat or "jumbo" stalks come from the young plants and are prized for the sweet and tender qualities. The farm also grows purple asparagus which will appear in the markets in another two weeks.

Guest Interview The Complicated World of Water in Southern California 10 MIN, 43 SEC

Adán Ortega works in the field of water management. He is a former Vice President of External Affairs for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, and before that he worked as the Assistant General Manager at the West and Central Basin Municipal Water Districts.

He says that water in Southern California comes from as far away as Mount Shasta and Lake Oroville, yet the political battle for water is largely fought between Southern California and cities around the Delta such as Sacramento. If Southern California were to build an aqueduct bypassing the Delta (a project that is currently being proposed) there would be little incentive for Southern California to invest in the infrastructure of the Delta levies, something that leaves Delta residents worried.

Guest Interview Dishes Spotty Future 6 MIN, 36 SEC

Brian Sansoni comes to us from the American Cleaning Institute. Thus far, eighteen states have banned phosphates from dish washing detergent. He explains what led to the ban and if the ingredients that replaced phosphates are getting the dirty job done.

Guest Interview The Essential Urban Farmer 9 MIN, 6 SEC

gf120303farmer.jpgNovella Carpenter and Willow Rosenthal are the authors of The Essential Urban Farmer. They discuss how to acquire land for urban farming, the versatility of a five gallon bucket and why chickens are easier to care for than goats.

The Essential Urban Farmer

Novella Carpenter and Willow Rosenthal

Guest Interview For-Profit Farming in Detroit 7 MIN, 19 SEC

Mike Score is the President of Hantz Farms in Detroit. He says that with forty miles of vacant property in the city limits and chronic unemployment issues, Detroit is positioned perfectly to be a hot bed of urban farming. Hantz Farms has purchased a three-acre test site where they are growing a variety of plants from blackberries to hardwood.

Guest Interview A Grassroots Approach to Urban Farming in Detroit 9 MIN, 59 SEC

Taja Sevelle is the founder of Urban Farming, a Detroit-based non-profit that now has over 57,000 edible gardens nationwide. All of the produce grown in Urban Farming's community gardens is free to anyone who wants to come and pick it.

Guest Interview Thai Breakfast 7 MIN, 4 SEC

Jonathan Gold reviews Siam Sunset, located inside a motel in Thai Town.  It's a Thai breakfast restaurant that opens at 6 am.  Jonathan likes the jok and the Chinese doughnuts dipped in sweetened condensed milk.  He also likes their Thai version of Hainan chicken rice and the rolled noodles over minced pork ragu.

5265 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90027

You can find all of Jonathan's restaurant suggestions on the Good Food restaurant map.

(Note: This segment originally aired on July 16, 2010.)

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