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Ever dreamed of owning a restaurant? Two pros - Joe Bastianich and Piero Selveggio - explain what it takes to keep a restaurant relevant in a notoriously tumultuous industry. Gardening guru Willi Galloway tells us how to make the most of your edible garden by harvesting "extra edibles" like garlic scapes and radish leaves, and Martin Doudoroff celebrates every type of Vermouth from the splash in your martini to an entire glass on the rocks. Los Angeles Times Test Kitchen Manager Noelle Carter details how to make quark - a cream cheese-like fresh cheese - and what to do with it once you've made it. Filmmaker Eddie Schmidt chronicles the lives of the men and women who drive ice cream trucks and Jonathan Gold gushes over rum and ribs at Roy Choi's new Venice Beach eatery, Sunny Spot.

Banner image: The bar at Valentino. Photo by Ryan Forbes

One Good Dish

David Tanis

Guest Interview Market Report 6 MIN, 45 SEC

The Santa Monica Farmers' Market welcomes Novy Ranch to the Wednesday downtown market. John Curry, a salesman for the ranch, says they are offering at least 25 cuts of antibiotic- and hormone-free grass-fed beef each week, including rare cuts like bavettes, coulottes and rocky mountain oysters.

gf120611saltsman.jpg Amelia Saltsman, author of the Santa Monica Farmers Market Cookbook, shares her tips for grilling grass-fed beef, which is often leaner than corn fed beef. She says the key to not overcooking it is using medium heat.

Music: "You Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cry"

Guest Interview Extra Edibles 9 MIN, 23 SEC

gf120611galloway.jpg Willy Galloway is the author of Grow Cook Eat. She says that one of the greatest parts of growing your own food is discovering all the "bonus edibles" in your garden like herb flowers, radish leaves and garlic scapes.

She makes a garlic scape pesto with her garlic scapes and tartines with Gruyere and radish greens with the tops from her radishes. Both recipes are on the Good Food blog.


Garlic scapes

Kale flowers


Grow Cook Eat

Willi Galloway

Guest Interview Vermouth 101 7 MIN, 15 SEC

Martin Doudoroff is the man behind the websites Vermouth 101 and Cocktail DB. He walks us through the four types of Vermouth, their history and how to enjoy them. You can find his Vermouth suggestions on the Good Food blog.

Music: "Wayward Blues, Instrumental"

Guest Interview The Lives of Ice Cream Men and Women 7 MIN, 35 SEC

Eddie Schmidt is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker. This segment weaves together scenes from his 2002 documentary, Popsicle Culture, about the men and women who drive ice cream trucks.

Guest Interview Quark 5 MIN, 19 SEC

Noelle Carter is the Test Kitchen Manager for the Los Angeles Times. She explains what quark is, how to make it and what to do with it once it's made. Her article on quark in the Times inspired this conversation.

Music: "Confessions d'un Rap Addict"

Guest Interview Rum and Ribs in Venice Beach 7 MIN, 7 SEC

sunnyspot.jpgJonathan Gold reviews Sunny Spot, Roy Choi's Caribbean-influenced joint in Venice Beach. He recommends the fried pigs' feet, jerk chicken wings, flatbread with ricotta and harissa, brown sugar short ribs, Jamaican roasted lamb, mofongo and sweet potato pie. If you aren't hungry, the rum-based cocktails are worth going for alone.

Sunny Spot
822 Washington Blvd (at Abbot Kinney)
Venice, CA 90291

You can find all of Jonathan's restaurant suggestions on the Good Food restaurant map.

Guest Interview What It Takes to Be a Restaurant Man 6 MIN, 4 SEC

gf120611bastianich.jpg Joe Bastianich is a restaurateur and TV personality. Along with his partner, Mario Batali, and sometimes his mother, Lidia Bastianich, he owns 25 restaurants worldwide. His book, Restaurant Man chronicles his life in the business.

Music: "Oh, Look What the Sun Did"

Restaurant Man

Joe Bastianich

Guest Interview 40 Years of Valentino 7 MIN, 55 SEC

Piero Selvaggio is the owner of Valentino in Santa Monica. He talks with Good Food segment producer Laryl Garcia about what it takes to keep a restaurant relevant for 40 consecutive years.

The entrance to Valentino



The wine cellar at Valentino
Photos by Ryan Forbes

Music: "No Name #3" and "Hotel Mirador"

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