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Horticulturalist Diane Ragone advocates breadfruit as a solution to hunger in the tropics, visionary Dickson Despommier discusses the concept of vertical farms. Jonathan Gold finds the best hot dog spot in South Los Angeles, Georg Riedel produces glassware that enhance wine drinking and filmmaker Mira Tweti saves an orphaned duck from the wild. Plus, Lessley Anderson discovers “stealth” vegetarian restaurants, Mark Kurlansky pays tribute to America’s oldest fishing town and Laura Avery has a fresh Market Report.

Flatbreads & Flavors

Jeffrey Alford

Guest Interview The Market Report 7 MIN, 6 SEC



Laura Avery chats with Bill and Barbara Spencer of Windrose Farm, who grow 45 varieties of heirloom apples. These apples have a complex flavor, much different from the simple, sweet, crisp Fuji.  Other apples available now include the russet-skinned Ashmead's Kernel, Elstar, Belle de Boskoop and Splendour. Many other varieties will ripen each week.  Bill and Barbara get their apple trees from Trees of Antiquity.









Bruce Hatcher is selling cheese from the Winchester Cheese Company and fresh buffalo mozzarella made by Bubalus Bubalis in Gardena, California. The herd of water buffalo live in Chino and the cheese is made fresh daily. Also available is fresh ricotta, which has a completely different texture than what you can buy in a grocery store.



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Guest Interview Breadfruit 6 MIN, 36 SEC


Horticulturist Diane Ragone advocates the breadfruit as a possible solution to hunger in the tropics. The breadfruit tree is native to the Pacific Islands and the fruit is starchy like the potato. When the breadfruit is cooked, the taste is similar to baked bread. Ragone is the director of the Breadfruit Institute at the National Tropical Botanical Garden in Hawaii.


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Guest Interview Vertical Farming 7 MIN, 45 SEC

Visionary researcher Dickson Despommier discusses the concept of indoor vertical farming. A Professor of Public Health and Environmental Health Sciences at Columbia University, he created the Vertical Farm Project in 1999 with his graduate students and argues that vertical farms would grow food organically, provide year-round crop production, be sustainable environments for urban centers and feed the growing human population.


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Guest Interview Earle's Grill 4 MIN, 54 SEC



LA Weekly columnist and Pulitzer Prize-winning food critic Jonathan Gold samples the best hot dogs in South Los Angeles at Earle's Grill. He recommends the beef jumbo dog and beef-chili thriller, as well as Earle's banana pudding.

Earle's Grill
3630 Crenshaw Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90016


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Guest Interview Glass Shapes and Wine 8 MIN, 37 SEC



Georg Riedel, who creates glassware that enhances the experience of drinking wine and other fine spirits, stresses the importance of glass shape and decanters. A 10th generation producer of the Riedel glass dynasty, which originated in Austria, he also celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Riedel's Sommeliers Burgundy Grand Cru.



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Guest Interview Duck Love 7 MIN, 29 SEC


Animal welfare activist and writer Mira Tweti talks about her quest to save a duck from the wild in her film, Little Miss Dewie. The film will be screened on Sunday, October 11 at 6:30pm at The G2 Gallery in Venice.

The G2 Gallery
1503 Abbot Kinney Blvd
Venice, CA 90291

Some duck rescue resources are:
Duck Rescue Network - helps people connect with rescuers that can take ducks.

International Bird Rescue Research Center
3601 S Gaffey St
San Pedro, CA 90731

Terry Whatley
Village Pond and Rescue (Lake Forest - Orange County)
949-584-6696 or
Bart (in Norco), at 951-734-4944 or 661-269-5404


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Guest Interview Stealth Vegetarianism 7 MIN, 13 SEC


Chow.com senior editor Lessley Anderson uncovers "stealth" vegetarian and vegan restaurants that don't advertise they are meatless. These flavorful foods are prepared to appeal to not only to vegetarians, but carnivores as well.

Pure Food and Wine
54 Irving Pl
New York, NY 10003

Veggie Grill
4213 Campus Drive
Irvine, CA 92612

Ubuntu Restaurant & Yoga Studio
1140 Main St
Napa, CA 94559


Music break: Batida Difrente by Tamba Trio

Guest Interview The Last Fish Tale 7 MIN, 50 SEC


James Beard Award-winning writer Mark Kurlansky pays tribute to the dying fish trade in one New England town in The Last Fish Tale: The Fate of the Atlantic and Survival in Gloucester, America's Oldest Fishing Port. Kurlansky is also the author of Cod: A Biography of the Fish That Changed the World, Salt: A World History and The Big Oyster: History on the Half Shell.

The Last Fish Tale

Mark Kurlansky

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