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For years Anthony Bourdain considered himself an outsider.  Things have changed for this writer and TV personality.  This week on Good Food, host Evan Kleiman talks with the culinary globetrotter about quitting smoking, a new respect for Paris and much more.  World Cup fever has reached a fever pitch - or maybe it's just the vuvuzuela.  Eddie Lin takes to the streets of LA in search of what World Cup fans are eating.  For people traveling to South Africa, Melissa Mandim is from Johannesburg and she's got some restaurant recommendations.  Matias Viegener explores the connection between food and art.  We'll eat halal Thai food with Jonathan Gold.  Director Michael Hoffman shares the details behind the Russian tea service as seen in the film The Last Station.  Plus, Barry Estabrook connects the dots between Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan and agriculture giant Monsanto.  And rock musician Steve Cooper is using his skills in the kitchen to raise money for his upcoming tour. 

One Good Dish

David Tanis

Guest Interview Market Report 6 MIN, 38 SEC

Kadota Fig

Steve Murray of Murray Farms sells two varieties of figs - Mission figs and Kadota figs.  The challenge with growing figs is to prevent bugs from entering the eye.  The Kadota is a very sweet variety with a closed eye - which prevents pests from entering.



Akasha Richmond is the chef/owner of Akasha in Culver City.  She is making cobbler with season fruit, like nectarines, apricots and cherries.  Akasha adds a Greek-style yogurt to her cobbler topping in place of buttermilk or milk.  Cobbler topping is more like a biscuit dough, as opposed to a crisp, which is more crumbly.  Add fruit, lemon, sugar and corn starch to the raw unpeeled fruit.  Top with the biscuit style topping and bake.  

Guest Interview Eating in Jo'Burg 6 MIN, 39 SEC

Melissa Mandim is a Santa Monica College student from South Africa.  Biltong is a cured meat common in South Africa.  She recommends the following restaurants for those traveling to Johannesburg:

Primi Pi'atti: a new S'African rainbow nation restaurant whose focus is on contemporary food from oval shaped pizza`s to designer salads, to amazing breakfasts and some of S'African famous meat dishes.

Troyville Hotel: This is one of the finest places not in terms of decor but in terms of location and superb Portuguese food.

Carnivore - about 40 mins drive from Johannesburg. This restaurant will give you a safari style experience where you can try all types of game from Kudu to Ostrich.

Guest Interview World Cup Eats in LA 5 MIN, 9 SEC


Bunny Chow

ESPN Match Truck Sliders

ESPN, which is broadcasting the World Cup in the U.S., has partnered with Roy Choi of the Korean Taco truck Kogi in the ESPN Match Trucks.  They created a menu featuring the food of various countries taking part in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.  Eddie Lin writes the blog Deep End Dining

One of the most popular dishes served on the ESPN Match Truck is "bunny chow," representing South Africa.  It's a chicken curry dish with peas served on a soft La Brea bakery baguette.

 ESPN Truck Fans

ESPN Match Truck

Eddie with Vuvuzela

Guest Interview Anthony Bourdain 14 MIN, 7 SEC

Evan and Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain is the host of No Reservations and the other of numerous books including his latest, Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook.  

Medium Raw

Anthony Bourdain

Guest Interview Samovars in The Last Station 4 MIN, 2 SEC


The Last Station is a film about novelist and thinker Leo Tolstoy's last days.  In the film, the actors frequently drink tea in the Russian style.  They use a samovar, which boils the water, to prepare the tea.  Instead of sugar, Russians often used jam, which they ate with a spoon directly from the jar.  Michael Hoffman directed the film.


Guest Interview Food as Art at LACMA 4 MIN, 40 SEC




Matias Viegener, along with David Burns and Austin Young, are an L.A. based artist collective known as “Fallen Fruit.”  They are working with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on EATLACMA, a three-act program at the museum.  The project unfolds seasonally and ends November 2010.  Part of the project includes a video series called Show Us What You Eat.  

Guest Interview Halal Thai Food 6 MIN, 57 SEC

Jonathan Gold is the Pulitzer Prize-winning food writer for the LA Weekly.  This week he reviews Barnrau, a halal Thai food restaurant in North Hollywood.  Jonathan liked the Pad Ke Mao, the coconut chicken soup, the Buffalo wings and the beef panang

All of Jonathan's restaurant suggestions are on the Good Food Restaurant Map.

10825 Oxnard St.
North Hollywood, CA 91606
(818) 762-7152

Guest Interview Food Politics and the Supreme Court 6 MIN, 7 SEC


Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson

Barry Estabrook is a former dairy farmer and fisherman turned food writer.  His articles appear in the New York Times, The Washington Post, Saveur and the Atlantic.  His article on labor abuses in Florida's tomato fields earned him a 2010 James Beard Award for magazine feature writing.  You can also find his writing on his blog, politicsoftheplate.com

Barry recently wrote about Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's connection to agriculture giant Monsanto.  As Solicitor General, she intervened in a case involving an alfalfa farmer and Monsanto.

Guest Interview Rock and Roll Kitchen 4 MIN, 11 SEC

Spirit Animal

Photo: Melissa Moore (LAIST)

Steve Cooper is a chef and the frontman of the band Spirit Animal.  They are using Kickstarter to raise money for their tour.  People who donate will have the option to have Steve cook for them in their home before the show.

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