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We start today with a deep dive into the now crowded field of Republican presidential hopefuls. Who’s in the mix and what promises are they making? Then, Jonathan Kozol on his new book, The Theft of Memory: Losing My Father, One Day at a Time. Next, two feminist writers weigh in with different perspectives on Caitlyn Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover and interview. And finally, a primer on the L.A. Fringe Festival, a theater extravaganza opening tonight.

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Sizing Up the GOP Presidential Hopefuls 10 MIN, 38 SEC

Jeb Bush is officially joining an already crowded field of 10 Republican presidential candidates. The field includes Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum, Rand Paul, Rick Perry and George Pataki. Whew! For those of you keeping count, that’s pretty much the size of a high school basketball team. We get an update on what’s going on in the world of GOP candidates.

David Graham, Atlantic magazine (@GrahamDavidA)

'The Theft of Memory' 13 MIN, 51 SEC

What is memory? If it’s the essence of a person’s identity, what happens when memory declines? Jonathan Kozol explores these questions in his new book, The Theft of Memory: Losing My Father, One Day at a Time. It’s an intimate portrait of his father, who had Alzheimer’s disease, and it’s all the more poignant because Dr. Harry Kozol was a psychiatrist who specialized in complicated neurological disorders. He treated playwright Eugene O’Neill, who had moved to Boston to be near him, and he provided psychiatric evaluations of the Boston Strangler and Patty Hearst. But this book is really about the relationship between father and son.

Jonathan Kozol, Author of the new book 'The Theft of Memory: Losing My Father, One day at a Time.'

The Theft of Memory

Jonathan Kozol

A Feminist Response to Caitlyn Jenner 13 MIN, 17 SEC

Since Caitlyn Jenner made her public debut on the cover of Vanity Fair last week, she’s been hailed as a hero and also criticized, for everything from her ultra-feminine look to her reality TV deal. Some of the sharpest criticism is coming from feminists. On Sunday, the New York Times published a controversial op-ed titled “What Makes a Woman?” which has been on the most emailed list for days. In it, journalist and former women’s studies professor Elinor Burkett says Jenner’s definition of womanhood undermines decades of feminist gains. The piece has sparked as much outrage as praise among other feminists online. We hear from the author and another feminist writer with a different experience.

Elinor Burkett, Journalist, former women’s studies professor and a documentary filmmaker
Jill Filipovic, journalist and author (@jillfilipovic)

What Makes a Woman? by Elinor Burkett
What Makes a Woman Is Less Important Than What Makes a Feminist By: Jill Filipovic

The L.A. Fringe Festival 7 MIN, 49 SEC

Tonight, stars and paparazzi will be converging downtown for the opening gala of the L.A. Film Festival. Meanwhile across town, it’s the opening night of another big cultural event: The Hollywood Fringe Festival. Over 18 days, nearly 300 different shows will be performed at venues up and down Hollywood, from theaters to parks, clubs and churches. This is the sixth year of what bills itself as “L.A.'s Largest Celebration of the Performing Arts,” even though a lot of people have never heard of it. What’s worth seeing?

Anthony Byrnes, host of 'Opening the Curtain' (@theaterthoughts)

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