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Last year a federal appeals court struck down an LA ordinance prohibiting people from living in their vehicles. Now the city attorney has rewritten the ordinance so that it will pass legal scrutiny. Governor Jerry Brown is having to deal with water issues created by his father, former California governor Pat Brown. On our weekly film roundup, the seventh Fast and Furious installment, a movie about a Gustav Klimt painting, and a Hungarian movie in which a pack of dogs takes over a city. And finally, in sports, a look at the Final Four this weekend, the coming baseball season, and the fast-approaching NBA playoffs.

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Prohibiting People Living in Their Cars 14 MIN, 54 SEC

Last year a federal appeals court struck down an LA ordinance prohibiting people from living in their vehicles. In their ruling, judges described the law as “an invitation to discriminate against the poor.” Now the city attorney, Mike Feuer, has written two amended versions of the ordinance for consideration by the city council. How are these new drafts different, and what will it mean for the thousands of people living in cars and RVs on LA’s streets.

Mike Feuer, Los Angeles City Attorney (@Mike_Feuer)
Carol Sobel, civil rights attorney

The Water Sins of the Father 9 MIN, 37 SEC

Governor Jerry Brown imposed statewide mandatory water cutbacks this week. California residents, now in their fourth year of drought, have to cut back water usage by 25%. But the drought can’t take all the blame for our water woes. You can trace some of our problems back to Governor Brown’s father, former governor Pat Brown. Back in the 50s, Pat Brown lobbied for a water system that would set the stage for a population explosion in Southern and Central California.

William Kahrl, author, 'Water and Power'

Water and Power

William L. Kahrl

'Fast and Furious' Back for Number 7 13 MIN, 51 SEC

In this week’s recap of new movies, the seventh installment of the Fast and Furious series, Furious 7. Also, Woman in Gold, the story of a famous Gustav Klimt painting that ended up at the center of an international court case. And White God, a Hungarian film about a city taken over by a pack of dogs.

Alonso Duralde, Film Critic (@ADuralde)
Dave White, Film Critic (@dlelandwhite)

One Word: Final Four (OK, That’s Two Words) 9 MIN, 20 SEC

In our sports roundup, we talk Kentucky vs. Wisconsin, and Michigan State vs. Duke. Also, when are Southern Californians going to be able to watch the Dodgers on TV again? And here come the NBA playoffs...

Jason Sklar, comedian and sports commentator (@SklarBrothers)

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