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In this show of previously aired segments, we begin by hearing from Anne-Marie Slaughter about her latest book, Unfinished Business, a follow-up to her wildly popular article "Why Women Still Can’t Have It All."

Then, a conversation with a Hollywood house husband about what it’s like to be a “domestic first responder.”

Next, in a nation that commodifies just about everything, we can now add human breast milk to the list. Madeleine takes a close look at the business of breast milk.

And finally, writer Eula Biss talks about her journey from anti- to pro-vaccination.

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'Unfinished Business' 14 MIN, 39 SEC

Anne-Marie Slaughter provoked a national conversation about feminism when she decided to leave her high-powered position at the State Department to care for her family. A year after her departure, she wrote the most read article in the history of The Atlantic, titled “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All.” Madeleine speaks to Slaughter about her latest work, Unfinished Business.

Anne-Marie Slaughter, Princeton University (@SlaughterAM)

Unfinished Business

Anne-Marie Slaughter

Life as a Hollywood House Husband 13 MIN, 32 SEC

Christopher Noxon is an author, a father… and the husband of Jenji Kohan, creator of the very successful TV shows Weeds and Orange Is the New Black. Because of Jenji’s success and long hours, Christopher has taken on more of the homemaker role in the marriage. He also recently wrote a novel inspired by his experience. He talks to Madeleine about the book and what it’s like to be “domestic first responder.”

Christopher Noxon, author, 'Plus One' (@cnoxon)

Plus One

Christopher Noxon

The Business of Breast Milk 14 MIN, 5 SEC

In a nation that commodifies just about everything, we can now add human breast milk to the list. When new mothers and hospitals need breast milk for newborns, they traditionally get it from non-profit milk banks. These banks get milk donated by women who pump more than their babies need. But these days, websites like Only the Breast and Eats on Feets allow women to sell or trade their extra breast milk. Meanwhile in the City of Industry, a huge new breast milk facility plans to process 3.4 million ounces of breastmilk this year. The company, Prolacta, creates a concentrated product for premature babies that it sells to hospitals for about 180 dollars an ounce. We look at the big business of breast milk.

Pauline Sakamoto, Mothers’ Milk Bank
Mark Underwood, UC Davis Children's Hospital
Elizabeth Currid-Halkett, USC

'On Immunity' 9 MIN, 16 SEC

In the debate over childhood vaccinations, writer Eula Biss is definitely in the pro-vaccine camp. But she didn’t start out that way. During her research for her new book, On Immunity, she discovered that the debate over vaccines is really a debate over our place in a larger social web.

Eula Biss, author, 'On Immunity'

On Immunity

Eula Biss

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