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We start today with the surprise news that Sepp Blatter, president of soccer’s world governing body, FIFA, is resigning. Why, and what could it mean for the growing corruption scandal around FIFA? Then, the TSA is replacing its director after the agency failed numerous airport security tests. Should fliers be worried? In our weekly TV roundup, it’s all about reality TV: The Bachelorette and a scripted show set in a world based on the Bachelor franchise. Also, comedian Eddie Izzard discusses his latest show, Force Majeure. And finally, a primer on the proper vocabulary to use when talking and writing about transgender people.

Banner Image: Sepp Blatter, president of soccer’s world governing body, FIFA

FIFA President Sepp Blatter Resigns 8 MIN, 9 SEC

Sepp Blatter has agreed to resign as the President of FIFA, soccer’s worldwide governing body. He was re-elected as president last Friday, just days after nine FIFA officials were indicted for corruption. Even though the organization has been embroiled in scandal, today’s announcement came as a surprise. So what’s next?

Kavitha Davidson, Bloomberg View (@kavithadavidson)

TSA Fails Security Tests 8 MIN, 51 SEC

The acting head of the TSA was asked to step down after gaping flaws were found in airport security. In tests by the TSA’s inspector general, screeners at airport checkpoints failed to detect weapons and other banned items 95% of the time. ABC News first reported the findings. Should fliers be worried?

Jeffrey Price, Leading Edge Strategies (@Av_Security)

EXCLUSIVE: Undercover DHS Tests Find Security Failures at US Airports

TV Roundup: 'The Bachelorette' and More 11 MIN, 3 SEC

In a bit of reality TV inception, this week in our regular small screen roundup we’ve got both The Bachelorette and a scripted drama about a reality TV show. Everyone gets a rose today! Those stories and more.

Michael Schneider, Indiewire / Variety (@Franklinavenue)
Eric Deggans, NPR (@Deggans)

Eddie Izzard Brings 'Force Majeure' to L.A. 11 MIN, 3 SEC

Eddie Izzard once ran 43 marathons in 52 days. Now, the British comedian and actor is in the middle of an even bigger endurance test. He’s on what he claims is the most extensive comedy tour ever. It’s called Force Majeure, and it started two years ago. When it’s done he’ll have performed in nearly 30 countries. And you can see it here in L.A. on June 6th at the Hollywood Bowl. Izzard joins Madeleine to discuss his show, his political aspirations and his status as a gender norm-defying trailblazer.

Eddie Izzard, Comedian and actor

Transgender Vocabulary 8 MIN, 19 SEC

The former Bruce Jenner is transgender and now called Caitlyn Jenner. Many young people, meanwhile, don’t want to be identified as any particular gender at all. All of this has left some confused about the modern world of gender politics and terminology. Madeleine hosts a primer on the new gender vocabulary.

Caitlyn Jenner during her photoshoot for Vanity Fair

Xeni Jardin, BoingBoing.net (@xeni)

How to talk about Caitlyn Jenner: a guide to speaking and writing about transgender people

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