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Today, we begin with the author of a new book on campaign finance and his theory of how the problem of money in politics goes way beyond Citizens United. Then, an update on the air quality in Porter Ranch, how it has been tested and what the potential health impacts could be. Next, the behind-the-scenes story of how the NFL came back to L.A. And finally, a look at Kendrick Lamar, Hillary Clinton and this moment when it comes to race in America and American politics.

Campaign Finance Post-Scalia 12 MIN, 7 SEC

The fallout from Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s death is being felt on the campaign trail. One of the most controversial decisions he backed was Citizens United, the 2010 case that gave corporations and unions unlimited spending power in political campaigns. This is expected to be the most expensive presidential race in history. Candidates on both sides are talking about campaign finance reform. But do they have any real power to make changes? We hear from the author of a new book on money in politics.

Rick Hasen, University of California, Irvine (@rickhasen)

Plutocrats United

Richard L. Hasen

Porter Ranch: What’s in the Air? 9 MIN, 14 SEC

L.A. County Supervisor Mike Antonovich, Sen. Barbara Boxer and other state and local politicians are calling for more testing to make sure the area around the gas leak in Porter Ranch is safe for residents. SoCal Gas Co. has put a cement seal over the leak at its Aliso Canyon gas storage facility. But many of the thousands of displaced Porter Ranch residents don’t trust the company and are reluctant to move back. It was the strong smell of rotten eggs that first alerted them to the giant natural gas leak back in October. Many complained of headaches, nausea, and nosebleeds. But what exactly was in the air that was making residents sick? Was the danger to their health only temporary? And how is the air being tested for these compounds? Reporter George Lavender explores the science behind these questions.

Photo: SoCal Gas Company

George Lavender, Independent Producer (@georgelavender)

The Real Story of Bringing the NFL Back to LA 13 MIN, 42 SEC

For years and years – since the Rams left in 1994 really – there’s been talk about bringing pro football back to Los Angeles. Now, it’s finally happening. The Rams and maybe even the Chargers will be playing in a brand new, $2.7 billion entertainment complex in Inglewood beginning in 2019. But, according to an in-depth new piece, the behind the scenes story of how the deal went down is as bloody and bitter as the best NFL game. Seth Wickersham is a writer for ESPN.

Seth Wickersham, Writer (@sethwickersham)

Hillary Clinton, Kendrick Lamar and Race 13 MIN, 6 SEC

Last night at the Grammy Awards, Kendrick Lamar gave an electrifying performance about being black in America. He came on stage shackled in chains, wearing prison blues, while his band performed behind bars. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is scheduled to deliver a big speech on race in New York today. Both she and Bernie Sanders have had to address issues facing African-Americans and minorities as they compete in more racially diverse states. Mass incarceration, police brutality, inequality, Ferguson … the list looms large in this election. We discuss it all with two guests.

Clarence Page, Nationally Syndicated Columnist, Chicago Tribune (@chitribpage)
Jody Armour, USC (@NiggaTheory)

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