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We start with a look at both sides of the new U.S.-China climate change pact: What domestic politics are at play in each country? Then, in our weekly Internet roundup, a look at Bill Cosby’s recent Twitter flub. Next, we dive into the dangerous pesticides being used on California’s strawberry crops and the communities endangered by the chemicals. And finally, the massive merchandising blitz around the Disney film Frozen is unprecedented. 

Banner Image: Strawberries by ShakataGaNai - Own work

Climate Pact: U.S. Realities 7 MIN, 35 SEC

President Obama and President Xi of China announced a new climate deal last night. Republicans in Washington are already criticizing the pact. We look at the politics of the agreement.

Juliet Eilperin, Washington Post national affairs correspondent (@eilperin)

Climate Pact: China Realities 8 MIN, 27 SEC

Following our look at the domestic politics surrounding the U.S.-China pollution pact, we take a closer look at the Chinese side of the deal.

Elizabeth Economy, Council on Foreign Relations (@LizEconomy)

Bill Cosby’s Twitter Fail and Kim Kardashian’s Win 11 MIN, 5 SEC

The power of the internet is undeniable: A few tweets can turn a random bag boy into an instant celebrity or destroy a politician’s career. And when brand-names and celebrities try to harness that power, they run the risk of an epic backfire. The latest person to learn that painful lesson is none other than Bill Cosby. We hear about that, how Kim Kardashian is raking in tens of billions of dollars with a free app, and other news from the World Wide Web.

PJ Vogt, WNYC’s “On the Media” and co-host of the podcast “TLDR” (@PJVogt)
Alex Goldman, Reply All (@agoldmund)

Silent Strawberries 11 MIN, 43 SEC

America's appetite for strawberries has exploded in the last few decades. We now eat four times as many as we did in 1970, fueling a $2.5 billion industry. But getting all those strawberries from farms in Ventura and Monterey Counties to market takes a lot of pesticides. A new piece by the Center for Investigative Reporting explores the strawberry industry’s addiction to dangerous pesticides, and the communities put at risk.

Bernice Yeung, Reporter on health and welfare for the Center for Investigative Reporting. (@bmyeung)

The Frozen Industrial Complex 7 MIN, 48 SEC

Disney says it’s sold more than three million dresses based on characters from the animated feature Frozen. And that’s not all. You can now get Frozen themed mouthwash, hot cocoa and knock-off Ugg boots. Walmart sells over 700 Frozen-related products. We look at the merchandising blitz.

Ira Mayer, publisher and executive editor of The Licensing Letter (@IraMayerEPM)

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