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The Department of Justice indicted nine high-ranking FIFA officials and five sports marketing executives on charges including racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering. The Supreme Court considers a case that could redo the way redistricting works. Artist, Michael Heizer moves from “Levitated Mass,” to a massive potato chip. And nature lovers tackle the growth of graffiti in national parks.

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FIFA Faces Corruption Charges 8 MIN, 34 SEC

The Department of Justice has indicted nine high-ranking FIFA officials and five sports marketing executives on charges including racketeering, wire fraud and money laundering.

The organization has long been viewed as a bastion of corruption, and is now being investigated as a criminal enterprise. According to Attorney General Loretta Lynch, “These individuals engaged in bribery to decide who would televise games, where the games would be held, and who would run the organization overseeing organized soccer worldwide.”

Kavitha Davidson, Bloomberg View (@kavithadavidson)

World Cup Construction and Human Rights Abuses 8 MIN, 30 SEC

With FIFA under the microscope, Qatar’s winning bid to host the 2022 World Cup is getting scrutinized as well.

Qatar has been unable to shake rumors of widespread graft and corruption since landing the 2022 tournament. World Cup construction in the country has drawn the ire of human rights groups.

According to a 2014 report from the International Trade Union Confederation, about 1,200 migrant workers have died since 2010; they expect 4,000 workers to die by the time everything is built.

We hear from Minky Worden, director of Global Initiatives for Human Rights Watch, who has kept a close eye on the situation.

Minky Worden, Human Rights Watch (@MinkysHighjinks)

Dispatches: Qatar Quashing Reporting on World Cup

One Person One Vote Goes to the Supreme Court 7 MIN, 49 SEC

The Supreme Court is taking a case that could dramatically affect the political power of California. It involves redistricting and the idea of one person, one vote.

Districts are currently drawn up based on population, but some say districts should drawn up on the basis of who can actually vote, eliminating non citizens.

This could have a big impact on urban centers with large immigrant populations, like Los Angeles.

Nate Persily, Stanford University (@persily)

From "Levitated Mass" to Massive "Potato Chip" 12 MIN, 25 SEC

One of the big art gallery openings in New York this month features the monumental work of Michael Heizer.

In this case, “monumental” is not an overstatement. A piece titled “Potato Chip” is created from an 18-ton slab of granite.

Given the scale of his work, it makes sense that he generally works outside and this is Heizer’s first gallery show in nearly two decades.

Heizer is also the artist behind LACMA’s “Levitated Mass,” the 340-ton boulder suspended at the museum which captured the public’s imagination and raised the age-old question: “What is art?”

Geoff Edgers, Washington Post (@geoffedgers)

Michael Heizer's Big Work and Long View

Graffiti in National Parks 10 MIN, 28 SEC

Andre Saraiva, the graffiti artist known as Mr. Andre or Mr. A, has taken his paint into Joshua Tree National Park, where his signature tag has appeared on boulders in the desert.

His infamy peaked in the 90s on the streets of Paris where his tag was well-known. It has a square head with one round eye and one eye that looks like a cross. It has a big toothy grin and long, stick legs.

But his work has sparked the ire of nature lovers in Southern California, where graffiti in parks is on the rise.

Using social media, hikers and nature lovers have started reporting graffiti in parks; and The Modern Hiker community has been acting as an unofficial police investigation force when it comes to tracking down taggers.

Casey Schreiner, Modern Hiker (@dropdeadsuit)

Graffiti Artists Move to National Parks
All the Coverage of Graffiti in the Parklands from Modern Hiker

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