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President Obama gave a historic speech today from Havana. What does the thawing of relations between the U.S. and Cuba mean for two of America’s most beloved industries, Hollywood and baseball?

Then, a politics report from Arizona, one of three states that goes to the polls tomorrow.

Next, the dance between Donald Trump and the media.

And finally, the new cast of Dancing With the Stars and other small screen news.

Cuba and Hollywood 8 MIN, 3 SEC

President Obama’s trip to Cuba is the first by a sitting president in nearly 90 years. Calvin Coolidge was the last to visit the island in 1928. Talks between Obama and Cuban leader Raul Castro are expected to tackle human rights issues, trade and economic reforms. One industry is keeping a close watch on those talks: Hollywood. No major film studio has shot a film in Cuba since the embargo slammed the door shut in the 1960s. With a thawing of relations, studios are starting to sniff around the island.

Ed Rivero, Shoot Cuba

Cuba and Baseball 9 MIN, 9 SEC

The thawing of relations between Cuba and the U.S. could signal a new era for America’s favorite pastime. Obama is expected to attend tomorrow’s exhibition game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Cuban national team. For decades, baseball players like the Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig have had to defect from Cuba in order to have a professional career in the states. Will new relations change the game?

Pete Bjarkman, author

On the Ground in Arizona 11 MIN, 39 SEC

Utah, Idaho, and Arizona go to the polls tomorrow. Donald Trump is eying Arizona, in particular, which has 58 winner-take-all delegates. The GOP frontrunner showed up there for two rallies this past weekend, in Tucson and Phoenix, and political junkie Mike Schlitt couldn’t stay away.  

Photos by Mike Schlitt

Mike Schlitt, Historian and Producer, 'The Document' (@schlitthappenz)

Trump and the Media 10 MIN, 13 SEC

Donald Trump has publicly trashed journalists, feuded with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly and banned publications like the New York Times from events. His antagonistic relationship with the press is one of the ways his campaign is unconventional. Yet, for all the animosity, Trump and the press are locked in a co-dependent dance.

Jim Rutenberg, New York Times (@jimrutenberg)
Ben Schreckinger, Politico (@SchreckReports)

The Mutual Dependence of Donald Trump and the News Media

Monday TV Roundup: 'Dancing With the Stars', 'Heartbeat' and Medical Dramas 10 MIN, 13 SEC

With Donald Trump making headlines every other day, naturally, the time is right for his second ex-wife to return to network television. Yes, Marla Maples joins the cast of one of ABC’s most popular shows, “Dancing With the Stars.” It’s Monday, which means it’s time to talk TV news.

Linda Holmes, NPR (@nprmonkeysee)

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