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Today we look at a New York Times investigation into debt collecting practices. What happens to borrowers when they’re attacked for old or non-existent debt? Can they fight back?

Then, an in-depth take on the U.S. government’s battle with a notorious Mexican drug cartel.

After that, getting into drug rehabilitation is key to staying sober for many addicts. But how regulated is drug rehab?

And finally, the big sports highlights of the year with the Sklar Brothers.

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Debt Collection 8 MIN, 18 SEC

Today the New York Times published an investigation into how debt collectors take advantage of borrowers. Some borrowers are sued over debt they’ve already paid back and are increasingly legally blocked from countersuing. How long has this been going on and is the government trying to stop the debt collectors? We talked to a journalist who co-wrote the investigation.

Michael Corkery, New York Times (@mcorkery5)

Consumers vs. Debt Collectors 4 MIN, 59 SEC

Who are the debt collectors taking aggressive legal action against consumers? And what recourse can consumers take when they’re caught in a legal bind with debt collectors? A spokesperson for Consumer Action, a national consumer advocacy group, elaborates on the debt collection investigation with some broader perspective.

Joseph Ridout, Consumer Action

DEA Drug War 14 MIN, 12 SEC

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration has had its ups and downs over the last several decades. David Epstein of ProPublica takes us behind the scenes of the drug war in Mexico with a dangerous cartel. That cartel is the Arellano Felix Organization, or AFO. We discuss how the major players in the cartel rose to prominence and how the DEA took down the AFO in 2005.

David Epstein, ProPublica (@DavidEpstein)

L.A. Rehab Mogul Accused of Dangerous Abuses 7 MIN, 26 SEC

People often go into drug rehabilitation at difficult moments in their lives. But what happens when the thing that’s supposed to save you is actually going to hurt you? For one drug rehab franchise, that’s exactly what’s being alleged. We talk to Hillel Aron of L.A. Weekly, who wrote an investigation of Chris Bathum, the owner of a number of sober living houses and rehab clinics throughout Los Angeles.

Hillel Aron, LA Weekly (@hillelaron)

Biggest Sports Stories of 2015 14 MIN, 38 SEC

The theme of sports this year? Oh how the mighty have fallen. From the "Deflategate" bust to a new frontier in fantasy sports, we look at the big sports stories of the year with the Sklar Brothers. Also in sports: Kobe Bryant may be on his way out, but the Warriors made records with the best start in NBA history. And there might even be an NFL team coming to LA.

Randy Sklar, comedian and sports commentator (@SklarBrothers)
Jason Sklar, comedian and sports commentator (@SklarBrothers)

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