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In a surprise move today, the Nobel Committee awarded Bob Dylan the Nobel Prize in Literature. Some in the literary establishment were dismayed, but the music world rejoiced.

A widely cited poll is coming under new scrutiny. Why are critics urging voters to view the USC Dornsife/LA Times poll with skepticism?

After Hillary Clinton secured the Democratic nomination, many Bernie Sanders supporters vowed never to vote for the former Secretary of State. Where are those voters now?

Adderall has increasingly become the drug of choice for striving college students. But what happens when college ends but the addiction to Adderall does not?

Bob Dylan wins Nobel Prize in Literature 11 MIN, 1 SEC

The Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to Bob Dylan today. His music defined the folk movement of the 1960s, but Dylan hasn’t stopped innovating since then. And music critic Bill Wyman says it’s about time the Nobel Committee took notice.

Bill Wyman, Critic, Journalist (@hitsville)

New questions about political polling 8 MIN, 8 SEC

Beware of polls, especially if an individual poll is telling a different story than most other polls. Take, for instance, the USC Dornsife/LA Times poll, which has consistently put Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton over the last month in the presidential race.

Allan Smith, Reporter (@akarl_smith)
David Lauter, Assistant Managing Editor, Los Angeles Times

Where have all the Berners gone? 8 MIN, 3 SEC

Donald Trump has been making a play for large group of disaffected voters: Bernie Sanders supporters. No word on whether Trump’s overtures are finding a home with Berners, but there’s not been much word at all from those voters and or the man himself since the Democratic National Convention. Bernie Sanders galvanized millions who wanted stronger regulations on banks and more policies to address income inequality. So what happened to the movement - and those policies - since Hillary Clinton scored the top spot on the Democratic ticket?

David Corn, Mother Jones magazine (@DavidCornDC)

Generation Adderall 11 MIN, 43 SEC

When Casey Schwartz was in college, a typical day might include knocking out an impassioned term paper on Russian literature, reading the latest New Yorker and rocking a ten mile run around campus. If you’re tired just listening to that, it’s probably because you didn’t pop an Adderall today. Doctors prescribe the amphetamine to treat ADHD. Casey Schwartz started bumming Adderall pills from her friends during her sophomore year in college at Brown University. Adderall has increasingly become a drug of choice for college kids, who buy it on the black market. But what happens when they graduate and go out into the work world?

Casey Schwartz, Journalist, Author

Web roundup: Surviving the election 8 MIN, 18 SEC

In the age of social media, a toxic election season is all-encompassing and unavoidable. Here’s how to avoid and mitigate some of that poison without moving to a yurt in the middle of nowhere with no wifi access.

Xeni Jardin, BoingBoing.net (@xeni)

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