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International trade deals have become an issue on the presidential campaign trail, we look at how they are perceived in rust belt states like Ohio, where voters go to the polls today.

Then, political in-fighting on the left and the right: How has Bernie Sanders forced Hillary Clinton to the left? And how is the conservative media split over Donald Trump?

Next, the star of the new film Krisha talks about her role and how the movie - directed by her nephew - mirrors her real-life family.

And finally, the promise of nanoparticles in the future of dental care.

Banner Image: Supporters of U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump hold up signs to drivers as they pass by on Super Tuesday in Middleburg Heights, Ohio March 15, 2016. REUTERS/Aaron Josefczyk

Democratic Divide 7 MIN, 31 SEC

Hillary Clinton has changed her position on the Trans Pacific Partnership. She helped negotiate it as Secretary of State and once called it the “gold standard” of trade agreements. Now she says she’s opposed to it, forced to move to the left by opponent Bernie Sanders. He’s forced her to move left on a number of issues as well. Is this presidential race splitting the Democratic party? And what will it mean for Bill Clinton’s legacy?

Alan Lichtman, American University

The Conservative Media Split 8 MIN, 39 SEC

Donald Trump has split the Republican Party. He’s also split the conservative media. Personalities like Rush Limbaugh praise him, while Glenn Beck and Fox News bash him.

In the latest dustup, several executives and journalists at the right-wing site Breitbart News have resigned in the past week. They say the site has turned into propaganda for Trump. They also claim the organization abandoned one of its own reporters, who’s accusing Trump’s campaign manager of violently shoving her at an event. But did the same media machine now in turmoil over Trump also help create him?

Brian Rosenwald, University of Pennsylvania

International Trade and Rust Belt Voters 12 MIN, 57 SEC

International trade deals have become a real issue on the presidential campaign trail. Trade is especially important in rust belt states like Ohio, which will vote today. Groups like the WTO, and deals like NAFTA, CAFTA, and most recently the Trans Pacific Partnership, or TPP, have come under attack by some of the candidates, particularly in the Midwest. The criticism has been that these deals have boosted other countries’ economies at the expense of our own. But is the story different in California?

Peter Navarro, University of California, Irvine
Phil Levy, Chicago Council on Global Affairs

'Krisha' 13 MIN, 40 SEC

Krisha is a new film about a middle-aged woman who comes home for Thanksgiving after being away for many years. We don’t know why she left or where she’s been, but you can feel the tension in the air when she shows up with her luggage. It only gets worse from there.

Krisha is a low-budget movie that feels like an indie from the early 1970s. It won the John Cassavetes Award at the Independent Spirits a couple of weeks ago, and the story certainly echos Cassavetes’ Woman Under the Influence.

Krisha Fairchild, actress (@krishafairchild)

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