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We start with a look at the controversial history of an under-construction apartment complex in downtown L.A. that burned early this morning. Then, 50 years of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion: how was the venue a milestone for the city? In our weekly TV roundup, Sons of Anarchy airs its final episode this week. Next, an in-depth look at the consequences of a lack of sleep, which affects nearly half the country’s adult population. And finally, what went wrong in the failed hostage rescue mission in Yemen?

Banner Image: Los Angeles city firefighters battle a massive fire at a seven-story downtown apartment complex under construction in Los Angeles, California December 8, 2014. Over 250 firefighters battle the early morning blaze which shutdown two major freeways the Los Angeles Fire Department and California Highway Patrol said. REUTERS/Gene Blevins

Burned Downtown Building Has Controversial History 8 MIN, 35 SEC

A huge fire destroyed an apartment building under construction in downtown L.A. this morning. Nearby roads and freeways closed for hours while firefighters got the flames under control. Nobody was hurt, and investigators are looking into the cause. The building that burned is called the Da Vinci apartments, and this isn’t the first time it’s made news. We look at the controversial history of its developer, Geoff Palmer.

Jon Regardie, Los Angeles Downtown News (@DowntownNews)

Dorothy Chandler Legacy 8 MIN, 48 SEC

The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion at the Music Center opened its doors 50 years ago this past Friday. We discuss how the venue was a milestone for the city, and a huge accomplishment for the woman who made it happen.

Chris Nichols, Los Angeles magazine (@ChrisNicholsLA)

'Sons of Anarchy' Says Goodbye, and More 8 MIN, 22 SEC

The cable television series Sons of Anarchy on FX is known for its rabid fanbase — a fanbase that’s in mourning this week. The final episode airs tomorrow night after seven seasons. But there’s a spoiler out now that is causing all sorts of consternation. That and other small screen news in our weekly TV roundup.

Michael Schneider, Indiewire / Variety (@Franklinavenue)
Andy Greenwald, Grantland (@andygreenwald)

“Sleepless in America” 13 MIN, 51 SEC

Nearly half the population — 40 percent of American adults and 70 percent of teens — don’t get enough sleep. The new documentary Sleepless in America looks at the consequences, which could include making us more susceptible to diseases like diabetes, cancer, and Alzheimer's.

Sleepless in America trailer

John Hoffman, The Public Good Projects (@The_PGP)

Failed Hostage Rescue in Yemen: What Went Wrong? 7 MIN, 13 SEC

In the middle of the night on Saturday, dozens of U.S special forces operatives crept six miles through a Yemeni desert. Their target was an Al Qaeda compound in Southern Yemen. Two hostages were inside the compound: American photojournalist Luke Somers and South African teacher Pierre Korkie. The team made it within 100 yards of the compound, but a short time later, both hostages were dead. What went wrong?

Terry Atlas, senior writer for Bloomberg News who covers foreign policy and national security. (@terryatlas1)

U.S. Saw Little to Lose in Yemen Rescue Attempt as Execution Neared

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