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President Obama has announced the most comprehensive U.S. sanctions against Russia since the Cold War. We discuss what that says about his administration’s foreign policy record and how this situation could play out in the 2016 presidential election. Also, after today’s early-morning temblor, we chat with L.A.’s new earthquake czar about what the city needs to do to prepare for “the big one.” We look at a new report card that grades L.A. County communities on their efforts to preserve historic buildings. We also hear some amazing audio clips from producer David Weinberg’s “Random Tape” project.

Banner Image: Northridge Earthquake, CA, January 17, 1994; Many roads, including bridges and elevated highways were damaged by the 6.7 magnitude earthquake. Approximately 114,000 residential and commercial structures were damaged and 72 deaths were attributed to the earthquake. Damage costs were estimated at $25 billion. FEMA News Photo

Obama's Foreign Policy 6 MIN, 49 SEC

President Obama has announced the most comprehensive U.S. sanctions against Russia since the Cold War. The move by the U.S. and other Western leaders came after Crimeans voted to separate from the Ukraine and join Russia. We discuss whether the sanctions will have any effect on the situation and what it says about the state of Obama’s foreign policy.

Jonathan Broder, Newsweek (@Newsweek)

Political Reaction 7 MIN, 18 SEC

We take a look at the political reaction to President Obama’s sanctions against Russia and how it could affect the next election cycle.

Josh Kraushaar, Political Editor for National Journal (@HotlineJosh)

David Weinberg's Random Tape Project 11 MIN, 28 SEC

Public Radio producer David Weinberg has always been fascinated by the vast archive of audio that’s just out there, lying around the world - lost tape, forgotten tape, audio ephemera. It seems to be everywhere; he finds it in basements, in thrift shops and at garage sales. And so he started a podcast a couple of years ago called “Random Tape”. He joins us to share some of what he’s found.

Earthquake! 8 MIN, 13 SEC

A magnitude 4.4 earthquake hit Los Angeles at 6:25 this morning. No injuries or damage was reported, but it raised a lot of questions about how prepared Los Angeles is for the next big quake. We talk to Mayor Eric Garcetti’s new earthquake czar.

Lucy Jones, US Geological Survey (@DrLucyJones)

Earthquake Culture 7 MIN, 5 SEC

We live with the possibility of “the big one” hanging over our heads here in Southern California, and yet we keep building up and out. Living on solid ground just isn’t part of our ethos as Angelenos. So, where does that leave us? We talk to the L.A. Times’ David Ulin, author of The Myth of Solid Ground: Earthquakes, Prediction, and the Fault Line Between Reason and Faith.

David Ulin, journalist and author (@davidulin)

The Myth of Solid Ground

David L. Ulin

Saving L.A. 5 MIN, 59 SEC

L.A. County has a bad reputation when it comes to preserving historic buildings. And that’s exactly what the L.A. Conservancy is trying to change. The non-profit just released its latest report card ranking local communities on their preservation efforts.

Adrian Scott Fine, Los Angeles Conservancy

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