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The United Nations Climate Summit starts in New York tomorrow. We take a look at two big environment-related stories: The Rockefeller family, oil heirs, are divesting from fossil fuels and California Governor Jerry Brown just signed six bills to get more electric cars on our roads. Next, we take a look at how the drought is taking a heavy toll on organic dairy farms and cemeteries in California. Finally, in our weekly TV segment, we size up the new fall offerings, from the must-sees to the must-avoids.

Banner Image: Smart fortwo electric drive charging in Amsterdam

Divestment for Change? 8 MIN, 18 SEC

The United Nations Climate Summit begins in New York tomorrow. Some climate change protesters are taking to the streets, while others are using financial pressure. Student groups at several universities are asking their schools to divest from oil and gas companies -- and the movement got a boost today. The Rockefeller family announced that its charitable fund will no longer invest in fossil fuel companies. But is divestment an effective strategy for change?

Scott Jaschik, Editor for Inside Higher Ed. (@scottjaschik)

Brown Signs Electric Vehicle Bills 7 MIN, 15 SEC

California Governor Jerry Brown will appear at the U.N. Climate Summit this week. Over the weekend, he signed six bills aimed at getting more electric cars on the road. The most significant measure would give low-income drivers rebates for buying or leasing electric vehicles. We hear the details, and the questions about the program that still need to be worked out.

Ethan Elkind, UC Berkeley and UCLA Schools of Law (@EthanElkind)

Brown signs bill to urge more drivers into eco-friendly vehicles

Drought and Dairy 7 MIN, 53 SEC

Organic farming has been a boon to California agriculture; the state now has the highest concentration of organic dairies in the entire country. But the ongoing drought has been hard on the organic milk business.

Madeleine Thomas, Writer on impact of the drought on California’s organic dairy industry for Grist.org. (@MadeleineTwnsnd)

How to Run a Cemetery During a Drought 4 MIN, 45 SEC

Agriculture isn’t the only industry grappling with change brought on by drought. The death business is having to adapt as well. The idea of the lush, green final resting place is a fixture of our collective imagination. But here in Southern California, cemeteries are having to change the way they work in order to achieve that aesthetic.

image: Mount Sinai, memorial park.

Len Lawrence, General manager of Mt. Sinai Memorial Park, a Jewish cemetery.

Sneak Peek at the Fall TV Lineup 11 MIN, 54 SEC

This week on the small screen: a superhero show without its superhero, a virgin birth story and a bunch of college students trying to solve a murder. It’s officially the start of the fall television season, and we take a look at the must-sees and the must-avoids.

Michael Schneider, Indiewire / Variety (@Franklinavenue)
Linda Holmes, NPR (@nprmonkeysee)

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