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Today on Press Play, we take an in-depth look at how Secretary of State John Kerry’s plans for peace in the Middle East failed after coming so close to an agreement. Plus: We talk to one of the airplane designers who’s charged with finding new ways to get more seats on airplanes. We also look at a new device that allows parents to track their kids’ driving habits. And Amazon continues to expand, but its profits do not. How long will investors trust the company’s leadership?

Banner Image: seating layout on a Delta Air Lines narrow body jet, photo by: Magnus Manske

How Kerry’s Peace Plan Failed 16 MIN, 59 SEC

Secretary of State John Kerry has left the Middle East after failing to achieve a cease fire between Israel and Hamas. But if we look back just a few months, there was real hope for a comprehensive Palestinian-Israeli peace deal. What happened? The New Republic has published a lengthy investigation into how close the sides got to an agreement and what went wrong. 

Amir Tibon, Haaretz (@amirtibon)

Amazon Grows, But Not Profits 9 MIN

Amazon is always finding new ways to expand. The company is reportedly looking into the mobile payment business, and it just released a new 3-D printing service. The company’s been tiptoeing into pretty much every service you can think of over the past few years.  But this never-ending diversification has Amazon watchers asking whether Bezos’ gambles will ever pay off.

Brad Stone, Bloomberg BusinessWeek (@BradStone)

Airline Profits Soar 6 MIN, 1 SEC

Summer travel season is in full swing. Good news for the airlines. For us? It generally means long lines at the airport, extended stays on the tarmac, and figuring out the best way to origami ourselves into ever-smaller airplane seats. But while passengers complain, U.S. airlines are reporting record profits.

Seth Kaplan, Airline Weekly

Designing Airplanes With More Seats 8 MIN, 14 SEC

Airlines are constantly trying to jam more seats onto their airplanes. Airbus just filed a patent for seats that look like fold-down bicycle seats, sending a chill up the spine of air travelers everywhere. We check-in with one of the design firms that’s hired to find ways to get more people on planes.

Photo Credit: Airbus

Chris Pirie, is client relations director for the design firm Teague, which has designed the interior of nearly every Boeing plane ever produced (@CMPirie)

Tracking Your Teen Driver 7 MIN, 47 SEC

A new device not only disables your teenager’s cell phone while driving, but it also tracks every time the car speeds over the limit or brakes too suddenly. We talk about that and all the latest news coming out of the auto industry with commentator Matt Debord.

Image Credit: Esurance


Matt DeBord, Business Insider (@mattdebord)

What do you think? Would you install this device in your kid’s car?

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